I’m trying to write this recap on the plane en route to Boise. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately haha, we have a layover in Vegas and thus our plane is filled with recent college grads sucking down every single mickey that is on this plane. Mind you, we left Manchesta (NH) at 8am. It’s cool, I’d probably join them if it wasn’t mid-season:) Anyways, I’ll try to focus despite the large-must-have-been-a-football player squishing back in his seat. Here we go:

My Speed Concept racked in the cool pro transition racks. (Pic: Wattie Ink)

Aquasphere Swim: WOWSERS. Am I getting worse? No, I assure you I’m not! I really have been been swimming consistently and working hard at the swim. In fact, the Sunday before the race I nailed one of the “key” workouts the Dibenator had given me in the swim workout program she gave to me last December. A threshold set of 16-18 100’s on the fastest interval you can go. I nailed 16 of them all around 1:15s while leaving on the 1:20. That is warm-up/cruise pace for people like Dibs but for me, it was HUGE, considering at Master’s swim sessions I’m typically in the 1:25 lane. Anyways, I think I made a critical mistake race morning in deciding to warm up in the water prior to the race. The water was 69degrees and thus NO wetsuits for the pros. Let’s just say it was pretty cold. I got in for about a 10minute warm-up and then we were called out of the water around 6:40am….our start wasn’t until 6:53am so I stood on the shore convulsively shivering and unable to get warm. At that point, I probably should have gone for a jog on the beach or anything to stop shivering. Oh well, lesson learned! The guys went off at 6:50am and we followed 3minutes later. Needless to say I was freezing the entire swim and felt like a concrete brick sinking (when don’t I feel like that?) and going nowhere. BRUTAL. Out of the water and my watch said 32minutes. Ouch. I was not looking forward to seeing Wattie and hearing that magic number- 8minutes back! 10minutes back! haha. It ended up being about 6 from Dibs, but only about 3-4minutes on (most of) the rest of the field. Huge thanks to Aquasphere for my speedsuit and Kayenne goggles!

Close up of my swallow-decorated disc 🙂 (Pic: Wattie Ink)

Trek/Bontrager/ISM Saddles/SRAM/Look Pedals/Finalfit/K-Edge Bike Report: HUGE thank you to all of my bike-related sponsors. A course like this really emphasizes the need for the best equipment out there and I was set in that department- so THANK YOU SO MUCH. Also, thank you to my personal mechanic, WATTIE :), who put the perfect gearing on and adjusted the SRAM shifting perfectly. Smooth as butter up those hills. haha. Wattie tuned the entire bike and shifted out the rear cog and put on a new chain thanks to the travel tool bag Trek gave us at team camp a few weeks ago. KILLER.

Wattie and the tool bag 🙂 What is with guys and tools?

This bike course was awesome. It was just a constant up or down. Lots of shifting and different terrain that kept it exciting. I lost a bit of time near the beginning, as it took me a few miles to defrost. I couldn’t feel most of my body. Oh well! As I got going I warmed up and enjoyed the beautiful course. I passed a cluster of girls in the beginning then started reeling them in one by one. I just kept thinking about taking in calories, drinking, don’t load your legs up! you have a hard run to do, etc. I rolled into T2 in 6th position and saw Wattie yelling that Naeth and Rinny were 2 minutes up.

Full shot of the pro transition racks- AWESOME!

K-Swiss/Fuelbelt/GU Energy/CEP Compression Run Course: Straight out of T2 was a bit of a downhill for around a mile. It’s on a straight road though, so you can see pretty far in front of you. I could see Rinny a bit ahead of Naeth down the road. Half-marathon time! Just run your race. You are a runner now, not a cyclist. Forget about anything else you may have done this morning and race a half-marathon. I started running. Within a couple of miles I had reeled in Jess Meyers who was having a great race, especially considering she hadn’t been running at all recently! Around mile 3 you make a sharp right turn onto a dirt road that just heads up and up. I turned right and there was Naeth right in front of me. Unfortunately, so was the neverending hill. 10 miles to go! Don’t blow up, you still have two more significant hills and plenty of time. Just pace yourself.

Wattie, Naeth, and I after the race. (Pic courtesy of David Laskey.)

I settled in behind Naeth, as we were (at that point) going approximately the same pace. We passed Malaika who has a great swim-bike combo. Now Naeth and I were 3-4.We ran up and down the hills of miles 3-7 with me just behind her. I was trying to read her- please fade, please fade. haha. Unfortunately, she didn’t but I was and around mile 8, up quite a steep hill, she started pulling away. I was starting to feel my legs, heavier and heavier and definitely sore from the hills of the bike. Stay with it! 5miles to go! I tried my best to push it up the half-mile long steep hill around mile 8 or 9. I sucked at the Chocolate Outrage GU I was squeezing. Unfortunately, ITU speedster Liz Blatchford caught me as we crested that hill. Now I was in fifth behind Dibs, Rinny Naeth, and Blatchford. I kept going. Blatchford was NOT fading, in fact she seemed to be speeding up in front of me and getting further and further out of sight. Don’t stop pushing it! I kept running as hard as I could. The race is never over till it’s over! Maybe someone ahead was blowing up! I tried to stay positive. 3 miles to go! Only a 5K! I kept running, including up the final hill from mile 12-13….TOUGH one. Onto the main road and then a left down the finish-line chute.

Rinny and I after the race…. (pic: David Laskey)

5th place. Was definitely happy with a top 5 considering the field and I had gained more valuable lessons from the race: The importance of a “proper” warm-up before the swim. Maybe that didn’t necessarily mean getting in the water if there was such a long gap between when you had to get out of the water and the race started. Maybe I should have used swim cords. On the run- don’t get over-anxious. I definitely went a bit too hard in the first 3-4miles when I was excited that I could see Rinny and Naeth ahead of me and I paid the price for it later. Much work to do! But this was a great test for Vegas Worlds in September. It was a great showdown between the Dibenator and Rinny! And great job to Angela, Liz, Jess, Kate, and everyone else. Congrats to everyone who finished on Sunday! That is a tough course and quite an accomplishment.

Almost in to T2 (Pic: Wattie Ink.)

On Rev3: This was my first time doing a Rev3 race but it was unbelievable! Their video and other race coverage before, during, and after the event is incredible! If you haven’t seen any of the videos, check them out on the Rev3 website. They are so cool and well done- and they have them out within hours! The vibe at the race was so relaxed and laid back- more grassroots. The organizers are all excited and really into the event; they want it to be the best it can. There were all sorts of little things- race number tattoos instead of just a Sharpie on your arm, huge banners for the pros on the racks, a GREAT post-race food spread….it was a fun day and I will be at many more Rev3 in the future. So a huge thanks to Charlie and Eric and Stu and Michael and Krista and everyone else! Here is the “preview show” of the race with the rest of all their videos: https://rev3tri.com/news/rev3-quassy-2011-featured-videos/

[vimeo width=”625″ height=”350″]http://www.vimeo.com/24649421[/vimeo]

[vimeo width=”625″ height=”350″]http://www.vimeo.com/24723325[/vimeo]

One final thanks to my sponsors: Trek, K-Swiss, Fuelbelt, CEP Compression, GU Energy, ISM Saddles, Bontrager, SRAM, Finalfit, K-Edge, and….oh yes….WATTIE INK 🙂 Thanks to Wattie per every race for EVERYTHING, all the little things that don’t go unnoticed: cleaning, packing, unpacking and rebuilding, then repacking my bike. That process alone is a good 3-4hours given any complete race trip. On top of everything else. Thank you Wattie! ROCK THE W!

Just taking an ice bath in the few days after the race. COLD!!!!

So now it’s off to Boise for the 70.3 this weekend. The past couple of days I’ve been at home in NH hanging out with the fam and my Grampa Daida trying to massage and ice the legs and rest up as much as possible. We love Boise and have some great friends there and wanted to get back, despite the back-to-back weekends of racing. Hope everyone’s season is going well and see you at the races! Maybe Boise this weekend:)

Here is my dad rocking his W tattoo!!!!