“This job isn’t for everyone.”

If you know Rev3, you know Eric. He has been to every single Rev3 race that ever was. He delivered aid stations at the first Quassy, directed every race since then, and now is our President. He bleeds blue. Eric is responsible for the overall direction of Rev3. He works with sponsors, new business development and long term planning. Every staff member can attribute their role with Rev3 to Eric, in some way. He assembled the team that is the Rev3 staff.

Before Rev3, Eric worked in marketing and then became a massage therapist. We aren’t sure why the staff doesn’t get any free massages, but that’s a different story. Eric is constantly looking at things and trying to find a way to make them better. His perspective shapes our company and he pushes the staff to think of new ways to operate in order to exceed the expectations of our customers.

We aren’t sure what Eric does when he isn’t working, because he always seems to be working. He has been known to relax on a beach, run the Boston Marathon, ride his bike, ski and race triathlons. He always knows the best places to eat in every town, he knows the short cuts and the perfect place to watch the sun set.

Eric grew up in Rhode Island, where he was the Nation’s Top Ranked Hammer Thrower. The drive, focus and commitment to be the best is evident in all he does. Eric knows what it takes and expects the best from those around him. He lived in Connecticut for many years and now resides in Virginia, near the Rev3 offices.

When you see Eric on race weekend, he’s always happy to stop and talk to you. He’ll always have on his blue watch, his blue sunglasses and his staff hat (to protect his bald head). He’ll cheer you on out on course, give you some encouragement if you find yourself walking on the run course and he’ll always be there to cheer you on at the finish line. In a crisis, Eric is your guy. He is calm and cool under pressure. Rev3 could not exist without him.

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