Alyssa Godesky is a member of the Rev3 team.  Find out how why this athlete transitioned from ultramarathons to a multi-disciplined sport.

Alyssa Godesky 28, of Baltimore, Md. keeps it all in the family.  She grew up running local road races—specifically, 5Ks and 10 milers—with her father. She also played soccer competitively. Keeping that athletic mindset alive, she started participating in marathons and ultramarathons in college.

She started in triathlons as a way to cross train, but found herself missing her “family” in the ultra community. “I was used to traveling and racing alone, but I missed getting to see and hang out with a tight knit group of friends at the race,” she says. Luckily, she discovered Rev3 and found that family. “They put on amazing and competitive races, and are very focused on the race experience. But at the same time, they make sure to put the events in fun locations, with activities outside of just the triathlon.”

By day, Godesky serves as a business analyst for “If you recently clicked on an ad, I may have been responsible for putting it in front of you,” she says. Refreshingly, she maintains a realistic mindset when it comes to the work/triathlon lifestyle. Sometimes her workload is lighter and she can take on more training and in the off season, she focuses on friends. “Trying not to do it all, all the time, makes it work. Taking it one day at a time, and committing myself to focus on my task of the moment, I make it work.”

Godesky is currently considering all of the upcoming Rev3s to add to her racing calendar: Dells, Maine, Cedar Point and Branson. “I am so fortunate to be a part of the Rev3 team,” she says. “We have amazing sponsors that keep me fed, dressed, and recovered so that I can put in long hours training and working. My teammates are second to none. The support they offer, helping keep things in perspective, is truly priceless.”

Fast Facts:
Favorite TV show: Survivor
Favorite nutritional product: At the moment — Powerbar Fruit Blends
Best time to work out: 5 a.m.
Best workout song: I rarely listen to music when I work out! But when I do….anything by Taylor Swift!

-Jennifer Purdie