I first met and interviewed Angela Naeth on the lava fields in Kona. She seemed shy to me, but even at that time she seemed like a star waiting to happen. I was curious about what she could do once put under the pressure of a stacked field. A few years later I got to see Angela shine with the best talent around.

It was perfect day for racing. Portland was the venue, and I was front and center. On this day, I followed the women’s field. With Meredith Kessler, Lauren Goss and Becky Levelle out front, Angela was going to have to earn her 6th win of the year. At that time both she and Meredith both had 5 wins each. To witness such amazing talent first hand, to see the grind, to see the pain, to see the determination was like nothing I had ever seen. She was a star, and to witness it first hand was amazing.

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I did get to see Angela win that day in Portland. As a viewer of the final video you get to see it as well. At Rev3 the best part of the day isn’t about me seeing the race, it’s about sharing it with you. In 2013 I’m going to do everything I can to let you be part of the journey and witness amazing races like the one Angela won. I just hope I can share with you the amazing athletes stores that play out at each and every race.

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