If you have raced Rev3 in Cedar Point, you have seen Brian Hackenburg. A local firefighter in Sandusky, Ohio, Brian has raced every year at Cedar Point since 2010. He has raced in his full firefighter gear in the past and plans to do the 2016 Full Rev in his Full gear. This year will be special, race day is on September 11th. Brian will be handing out 344 Mini American Flags along the course to volunteers and spectators to honor the 343 FDNY Heroes who gave their lives for our country that day. He will also add 1 additional Flag for Fallen Hero Firefighter Jamie Dickman who was his co-worker of 10 years.



Back in early 2010, Brian’s Assistant Chief David Murphy asked him to join his relay team as a runner at the new REV3 Triathlon coming to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Back then Brian was 220 pounds and very overweight. He found performing the basic fire ground operations became exhausting and difficult, so he knew he had to make a change. 40%-50% of all In-The-Line-Duty deaths on the fire ground are related to heart attacks and strokes. The first 2 years of The Rev3 Cedar Point Brian was teamed up as a relay team with firefighters Anthony Coletta and Chief David Murphy. Starting in 2012 he took on the Full 140.6 himself and was hooked instantly.

Brian lost 50 pounds and feels better than he has ever felt in his entire life.  He says, “I owe it to my Wife Amy, my 2 daughters (Kayli and Krista), my Co-Workers, and the Community I serve to be in the best condition possible to proudly serve them to the best of my abilities.”

When not racing or working, Brian spends the summer camping with his wife and girls, enjoys canoeing and plays golf. He loves to watch his family participate in events too and enjoys cheering them on!

Brian is committed to bringing more awareness to physical fitness in the fire service. While Change is slow, it all comes in good time. He also plans to keep raising money to purchase Gund Bears to deliver to Children’s hospitals all over Ohio with his co-workers and surrounding Fire Departments through the Fireman Rob Foundation. Please read about his mission and donate! Brian will be wearing this helmet as he races in 2016.


“Rev3 is the most Public Safety Supportive Company I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. The Rev3 staff is top notch and truly cares about The Sport of Triathlon.”

We are honored to have Brian race with Rev3. We appreciate and honor Brian, all first responders, Active and Retired Military with a 10% discount off all Rev3 races, a special race category and other perks. If you are interested in this discount email info@rev3tri.com. Thank you for your service and see you at the races!!