If you have ever been done a Rev3 race, there is a good chance you have seen John Adams. Known as “Pastor John”, he has been around Rev3 since the early years. Pastor John is a fixture at Rev3 races and has the most well traveled Rev3 gear; he has been seen all over the globe in his Rev3 shirts and visors.

Becoming a triathlete was never on Pastor John’s radar. He became interested when he heard that a Full distance triathlon was coming to his town of Sandusky, Ohio in 2010. When he found out that it included a 2.4 mile swim, his heart sank, since he really didn’t know how to swim at all! Determined to take part in this event, Pastor John started arriving at the “Y” at 5 am so no one would see him in his full wet suit and a snorkel (he says this was so he wouldn’t drown in the pool).Yes, it was embarrassing, but he was determined to get this swimming thing conquered.

Not only did Past John conquer this “swimming thing”, but he excelled. He was able to overcome his total terror of the water. Now he loves swimming, even in open water. He loves swimming and triathlon so much that he worked hard to come back from a hip resurfacing operation in November of 2012 to complete the 2013 triathlon season and qualify for USAT Age Group National Championships.

CP 2013 SwimPastor John has many Rev3 races under his belt since 2010 including Knoxville, Quassy, Cedar Point, Half-Full, and Costa Rica. For 2016 his plans are to race Knoxville, which he has never missed; possibly Rev3 Westfields, then Rev3 Maine and Cedar Point (not only does he race Cedar Point, but his sister, Julie, ALWAYS volunteers all weekend!). Quassy in on his wife’s B-day, so we won’t be seeing him there!

One of the things that has marked his Rev3 triathlete experience has been the opportunity to be the LPF (Last Place Finisher) at many races. That means going back out on the course after finishing his race and helping someone else finish their race. He finds the athlete who is the final one on course and stays with them until they cross the finish line. He says “I love helping someone that may have DNF’d had they not received encouragement and companionship at a lonely time on the course for them. I have numerous stories that all bring tears to my eyes when I think of what it meant to these athletes to finish such a huge challenge.”

When not training or racing, Pastor John is a busy man! He has the privilege of being husband to Diane, Father of Josh (Melanie), Jason, Jesse and Papa to Colton and Harper. He is Sr. Pastor of New Life Church in Sandusky, Ohio (who always volunteer at the first and last aid station on the run course in Cedar Point). Pastor John is also Law Enforcement Chaplain to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, Sandusky Police Dept, Perkins Police Dept. and the Huron Police Dept. He loves working with and helping people!

When asked what he loves about Rev3, Pastor John says “The first thing drawing me to the Rev3 series was the fact that they were billed as family friendly venues. After experiencing what they had to offer in Knoxville 2010, on top of a great venue, it was the way the athletes were treated, the swag the professionalism and the Staff, who have become like family to me now! Rev3 treats me like an athlete not a $ sign or a means to an end. I am in contact with Rev3 staff throughout the year, in season and out, because we are now part of each other’s lives! I love being around great people, and Rev3 Staff is great people!”

Colton09It has been quite a journey from that first day in pool back in 2010. One of his proudest moments was crossing the finish line at Cedar Point in 2011 carrying his grandson Colton. Someday maybe Colton will be doing triathlons! He couldn’t ask for a better role model and neither could we.

Here’s to a great 2016 season and as Pastor John would say “exceeding the fun limit!”