If you race Rev3 in 2016, there is a good change you will see John Gregson. This Age Group Father of two daughters will be at our races in Quassy, Maine and Cedar Point (his first FULL distance triathlon!). Nick Logan is coaching him this season and Rev3 & Bike Express of Danbury, CT are providing support along the way!

In 2011, John’s wife bought him a pair of nice running sneakers, so he started running. He says, “as a big guy, I was running very slowly, covering very short distances, and often out of breath.”  Then in 2012 it was a bike for Father’s day that got him riding again, and some friends that wanted to race the local Sprint and Olympic distances shortly thereafter. So you can see, this has always been a family affair!

From the moment he walked into Transition at his first Sprint tri, he was hooked.  He was one of the first ones on-site.  Dense fog on the water, some music in the background, and everyone still setting-up the final details.  He racked his bike, looked around knew “this is going to be awesome.”

“The thing I like the most about being a triathlete is that it’s about becoming more than I was yesterday and that mindset is contagious in all facets of my life.  It’s an opportunity to have role models and aspirations and hopefully inspire a few people along the way.  Most importantly, it’s a chance to show my daughters that any goal is attainable, if you have a plan, set your focus, and put your heart into it.”

According to John, the real challenge of triathlon has been simply being an Age Grouper – finding time to balance family, career, and training
– An average weekday for him leaves 8 hours to sleep and train … 9pm to 5am … that’s his time to do whatever he chooses.
– He measure his time in minutes because every single minute matters.
– He has little time with his family simply because of work but he tries to maximize every moment with them and train on his time, not theirs.  That means he chooses to read bedtime stories, tuck-in the kids at bedtime, and kiss them goodnight.  With that choice, he know that he’ll likely come up short on my swim distance when the life guard kicks him out of the pool, almost all his runs are under the moon, and most rides will be in his basement on the stationary trainer.

This is the true story of Age Group athletes. Balancing life, work, family and training.

Since that pair of running sneakers in 2011, John has lost almost 40lbs (20lbs since Nick Logan from Bike Express started coaching him).  He weighs the same now as he did when he was a teenager.  His resting heart rate is materially healthier.  And although he might need an extra cup of coffee some mornings, he feels better about himself every single day.  “I’m happy,” he says.

John chose Rev3 for a reason.
“Rev3 understands what it means to be an “Age Grouper” and that a triathlon is more than a race.  Rev3 events are truly that – an event!  The moment I found out about Quassy 70.3, I wanted to race it.  I had no idea what the course looked like, I couldn’t swim well, and I finished at the bottom-end of my age group at a local Sprint and Olympic distance race.  I knew that if Rev3 was smart enough to pick an amusement park to host their race that they understood what it means to have a family for your support crew and spectators.  I needed to race Quassy.  After joining the Facebook pages and corresponding with some of the other participants, this is a shared emotion.

There’s a reason I can plan a family vacation around a Rev3 event.  My entire family is excited about Old Orchard Beach.  Amusement park, zoo, go-karts, mini golf, whale watching excursion, lobster rolls, beach … road trip!  Swim start is across the street from the hotel and my family can enjoy the day while I race – they’re not “waiting around” for me to finish so we can go home.

Rev3 asked for ideas and recommendations from participants and they clearly listened to what participants want but even more to what spectators want.  The inclusion of kids events and additional activities is huge.  The responsiveness of Rev3 staff has been amazing.  Everyone that is involved wants each event to be a unique, enjoyable, and memorable experience for all.  It’s clear that the Rev3 team enjoys what they do.”

So you can see, he’s already a fan!

John’s  non-training/racing time is dedicated to his family and making the most out of their time together.  Relaxing with them, trips to museums, zoos, library, trail running with the kids, family movie night, cooking a family dinner with his wife.  Anything that they enjoy, TOGETHER.

John’s story is that of an Age Group Athlete and many of you reading this can surely relate. Surely you’ll see John on course. He’ll be smiling and waiting to cross the finish line with his family.

You can keep up with John and his training on his blog:  https://riseoftheagegrouper.wordpress.com