August 21, 2013— The REV3 Triathlon series emphasizes balance: they strive to create a challenging and competitive race for athletes while maintaining a fun environment for spectators, family and friends.

Balance is also a key component of Off the Front Multisport’s mission. The team of eight professional and six elite amateurs, are not only focused on reaching their ultimate potential in sport, but are also dedicated students, career- focused young adults, and active community ambassadors.

OTF Kiwami kit

“Our goal as a team is to help athletes pursue their dreams in sport without sacrificing their dreams outside of sport,” said team director, Stephen Wright.

The New England based team will gather this weekend in Old Orchard Beach to compete at the REV3 Maine event on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Team members are from east coast states of Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Virginia, making this an important local competition.

“This is such a great opportunity for us to get our regionally based athletes together with our pro athletes who are from around the country, “ Wright said. “REV3 is known to put on very high quality races for both professionals and amateurs, and was an obvious choice for us when looking at having a team race.”


Wright, 22, created the team with friend and OTF team member, Jake Shoemaker, in 2012 after seeing a void in the development system for young triathletes. He raced for a junior team on the East coast called Vortex, and observed the success in which the junior team concept helped athletes develop.

However, once athletes graduated from the junior ranks, there was a void in assistance for an athlete’s continued development. Off the Front Multisport’s goal was, and is, to bridge this gap and foster an athlete once they graduate out of the junior phase of their career.

“Athletes who had the potential to race successfully at a professional level were leaving the sport because it was too expensive and too much of a commitment to do alongside school and a career,” Wright said.

Wright decided to take the team aspect from junior racing and instill it in Off the Front’s framework for 20-25 year olds, providing the next stepping-stone for athlete development.

Rudy Kahsar, a student at the University of Colorado-Boulder, and a CU Collegiate National Champion, is an example of what OTF is striving to achieve.

“As a PhD student, I have limited time and energy to spend on triathlon,” Kahsar said. “Off The Front Multisport and our title sponsor Team Psycho have been instrumental in providing a support system which allows me to race at a high level while continuing to excel at my studies.”

Thanks to the support from Team Psycho, Kiwami and Rudy Project, the team has had great success in their first two seasons including two world cup wins, six top 20 world cup finishes, and a top five at U23 Duathlon World Championships.


With OTF Multisport’s support, the team has seen four members transition from age-group to professional ranks. Katie Hursey, recent back-to-back World Cup winner, was one of them.

Now, in her first year as a professional, she has the support of the team to thank for her success this season.

“Through their support I was able to focus more on my development as a triathlete without having to worry about the costs of being a triathlete,” Hursey said. “ I’m so excited to be coming back to the east coast to race, the east coast has been home to me my entire life and it’s always fun and exciting to return and race as a team.”
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