I’ll jump straight to the race as I have just a minute before getting on my plane to home. The adventure of the morning was “no wetsuits” for the pros, honestly, it was not that bad of a call. Warm up was not happening for me in the water and left me on the start line shivering, but once the race got underway everything warmed up pretty quick. I’m in the yellow cap, totally ready to get moving. The highlight of the swim was surviving the salt less lake that left myokole way less buoyant than the Hawaiian waters back home. It was a smooth swim, a little slower than I was hoping but also better than other swims. All in all I’m happy with the improvements my swim as made and gladly took 3rd out of the water…
The bike was better than it has been for me in MONTHS. After just 2 weeks of making major adjustments all over I can tell how it will only get better as I ride it more and continue to adjust. Felt super calm on the bike and stayed within myself, perhaps a little on the timid side as the major goal for this race was to stack a solid swimbikerun together without any major rookie mistakes. Slowly Ill learn to find the pace I can ride without it taking out my run legs.
The views on the bike were beautiful (if you don’t mind the same scenic look over and over). For someone that is used to riding miles and miles next to lava rocks it was a nice change riding miles and miles next to a river. Mt. Hood was in the far distance, snow capped, and amazing. Despite being relatively flat there was a bit of wind out there and some shaky road surface that kept the mind awake despite the out and back, out and back. The rough part of my ride, thankfully only being one, was a 2 minute stand down for crossing a white line. Nobody wants two minutes added to their time and nobody wants to chill on the side of the road from something that didn’t cause harm to anyone or make an advantage to me or anyone. The next person was so far up the road if I was orwasn’t on the same side of a white line it would not have helped, but a rule is a rule and I crossed a line. Next time Id need a telescope to look that far up the road and see what side of a line someone is on. I’m pretty sure the bike cop was just taking his authority position a little on the macho side and was not happy to be missing his coffee and doughnut break to watch a bunch of athletes in spandex ride 56 miles. I stayed calm knowing that rushing to make back my time and catch the girls who passed me would only wreck havoc on my run, so I rode patient and landed 4th off the bike…

The run was BEAUTIFUL! We began on some hay, I think it was hay, then through a little trail, up over a little hill, down a little hill, and finally onto the upper road where we road bike. All of me wanted to make top 3, I totally thought it was possible so I ran believing with patience I could get up there and make up that bike sit-down. 13.1 miles was not enough miles. There were so many good things about that run for me, it was perhaps my best run off the bike. I felt strong all half marathon, and finally feel the effects of running patient paying off. A 1:25.o was the result and I’ll glad take it with a 4th place too.

Crossing the finish line is always a good feeling, even better when you are slowly finding your way back after a couple seasons of lack luster results and mental demons stronger than the you’d like. It was a good feeling to put a solidswimbikerun together and still know you have more room to improve if you keep the hard work and patience building…

The finish line did not disappoint as it held Kainoa’s blue medal and some good friends from Kona. The entire trip was made special by so many good people! The Parasi family for the start and finish line hugs, prerace meal, and of course the rose garden tour! The REV3 crew for truly putting on a good event and making us all feel welcome, Mark for the bike ride, Stacia for the use of Portland Community College, Scott for telling me about Powell’s books (it was insane!), The GPS lady who told me where to drive and all the drivers of Portland for not cussing and flicking me off for my obnoxious driving skills in traffic, Sue Hutter for the “tri-momma” support for girls who are far from home, The crowds of Portland for all the cheering as we took over your streets and lake, the awesome volunteers who made it possible, and of course, without a doubt Lou and Louise for taking me in your home for the week! You both were amazing, the BBQ, fresh jam, awesome bed with with a dark blanket hung over the window so this girl could sleep when the sun is still up at 10pm! For all the support and believinggood things for me, I am so thankful for you both! Sorry if I missed anyone in Portland…thank you!

Next up is the Philippines 70.3, so very excited to return to that little piece of paradise! Then of course back on the REV3 map to Ohio. Okay, my plane is boarding! Homeward bound! Trakkers, Kswiss, Swift Bikes, Bike Works, Club inKona, Kona Aquatics & Coach Steve, Splish, Blue Seventy, Mauna Lani, Johnson and Blanton, Coach Jimmy, Kainoa, ohana, training partners, and friends,MAHALO PLENTY for supporting this girl in all things sport, motherhood, and life! SO THANKFUL for you and helping to make my life possible…
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