Focused, determined and U.S. bound—British triathlete Anne Fallows will soon invade the country with her athletic prowess. Just a visa stands between her and new training grounds in New York state. With her competitive mindset, triathletes will certainly see Fallows lining up at starting lines very soon. She will be racing Rev3 Quassy, Williamsburg, Branson, Maine and Florida!

While many non-U.S. triathletes spent their childhoods being groomed for the sport, Fallows was not. Rather, she took to triathlon in the late 1990’s with the Olympic distance. With her strong lung capacity and body made for endurance, she quickly realized longer distances suited her abilities better. “I’d only just be getting going at the end of the 40K bike,” she says.

Her athletic background runs deep. She played various sports growing up such as swimming, field hockey, netball, tennis and horse riding—which allowed her to transform into a three-discipline sport relatively easily. Her swimming ability mixed with the tactical tennis skills and developed core muscles from riding gave her an easy edge when starting triathlons. “Combining three in one, I felt I had a chance to be competitive and do well,” Fallows says.

Most recently she trained in the Andalucian mountains in the south of Spain, known for good hill training (and views.) But now she is seeking a totally different type of environment and has applied for a visa to move to the U.S. to live with her fiancé who is from New York, and surprise, is also a triathlete.

By doing this, Fallows hopes to make her mark among the U.S. triathlon elite.  She is looking forward to toeing the line at Rev3 races mainly because of her fiancé. “He has raced a couple of the races and has always recommended them as [being] very well organized. Having seen the idea behind the evolution of the races and to have a series of races lined up in what looks to be great locations…I am really excited to be a part of all of it,” she says.

To get ready for her U.S. invasion, Fallows is spending most of her time training and conditioning at the pool to recover. “I have had some injury problems, so I am working hard to make sure I have the foundation to build on again for a stronger season,” she says.

She’ll no doubt be crossing those finish lines quickly. According to Fallows, “I have always been highly motivated. I love being active and pushing my body to work hard and pursue my potential in sports.” Spoken like a true professional!

Written by –Jennifer Purdie