Boulder, CO triathlete Cameron Dye can be easily spotted training around town with his blond curly locks trailing behind him on a bike ride or run.  But he’s best known for his charismatic and friendly nature. On Sunday May 5th he’ll be at Revolution3’s Knoxville Triathlon competing in the Olympic distance for his 4th try at taking the win.

Cameron’s 2013 season is getting started after his most successful pro triathlon season in 2012.  With 6 wins, 6 top 10’s and the Race the Toyota Cup Series Title, along with being named the 2012 Non-Olympic/ITU Triathlete of the Year by USA Triathlon expectations are high for an even better 2013.  He started the season with a warm up race in Auckland, NZ at their Ironman 70.3 finishing an impressive 13th in a discipline that’s not his specialty.  He primarily focuses on Olympic distance races (.9 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run).  He’s particularly excited for Rev3’s Knoxville race headshotafter a disappointing flat tire coming out of transition at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon in March.

Cameron credits his rising success to having such a great support network in his family.  He saw a surge in his racing after he got married.  He married fellow Fairview High alum Natalie Cables and they now have a son Liam who is 19 months.  “It’s great to come home to them after a long training day.”  He said his career can be stressful on his wife if he is on a big training block or gearing up for a big race but said, “she is my biggest supporter.”

Having a Dad that grew up in the South, Cameron grew up on delights like fried chicken and sweet tea so looks forward to enjoying all that Knoxville has to offer.  “I really enjoy Knoxville and the wonderful homestays.  It’s a huge weight off our shoulders. It’s a great college town with great food and nice people. My family and I have created a lasting friendship with last year’s homestay.”  “Charlie [Patten, Rev3’s Director], is doing a great job. Rev3 puts on great races with great weekends and the treats the pros really well.”

bikeThis year Cameron will have his hands full with the likes of Pennsylvania native Andrew Yoder, Kyle Leto who had 5 top 10 finishes at Rev3 races in 2012 and Conrad Stoltz, 4x Xterra Champion and 2x Olympian.  Luckily Boulder has ample hills to help Cameron get ready for the hills of Knoxville.  He also notes, “Having climbing experience on a course is key.” Hopefully on May 5th those past years at the Knoxville Rev3 will pay off.  He said, “I will execute my strategy to the best of my ability and swim fast, ride hard and hold on on the run.”  Maybe his pre-race ritual of pizza for dinner and oatmeal for breakfast is the key to his current success.  We’ll find out on May 5th in Knoxville.


Fun facts about Cameron Dye:

  • Prefers coffee (black and strong) over tea.
  • Likes to swim in the morning.
  • Is a dog person, not a cat person.
  • Favorite song is “Till I collapse” by Eminem (seems fitting).
  • Enjoys reading magazines over newspapers.
  • Uses a Mac instead of a PC.
  • Favorite snack on a bike ride is a Snickers and Coke.
  • Prefers milk chocolate over dark.
  • Considers spare tubes the most important thing he brings on a bike ride.
  • Triathlon to him in 3 words (ok that’s 4); perseverance, passion, good times.