These rules are for your safety and those on your team. Please be sure to review and make plans to attend the mandatory athlete briefing at the start of the race.

Mandatory Athlete Meeting

There will be a mandatory athlete meeting at the Start/Finish line 30-minutes prior to the start. All participants are required to attend this meeting.


The entire relay route must be run/walked and all runners MUST remain on the Capital Trail during the event unless they need to leave the trail to reach an Exchange Zone.

Road Closures

The entire run takes place on the Virginia Capital Trail which prohibits motorized traffic. However there are places where the trail crosses major roads. NONE of these roads will be closed to traffic and runners and Team Vans a required to follow all traffic laws at all times.

Age Requirements

All participants must be over the age of 16. Special dispensation from the Race Director may be given to elite youth runners. Please contact to make this request.

Race Numbers

Must be worn by all active runners. Vans must have race numbers on the back window.

Running in the Dark

From 5am-7:15am and 6:45pm-Midnight teams will be running in the dark. A reflective vest, headlamp and flashing LED taillight. is required for all active runners during these hours.

Timing Chips

Your timing chip is your relay baton. Exchange your timing chip at the exchange zone. Be sure to cross the timing mat prior to exchanging your chip with the next runner.


No pacers will be allowed unless the active runner is under the age of 18 in which case pacers are encouraged. All pacers must be registered relay participants and may not use any outside assistance such as bicycles, skateboards, or inline skates.


All participants must display courtesy, good taste, decorum and sportsmanship at all times. This includes not littering or polluting the landscape or environment. Bathrooms and portable toilets are readily available throughout the course. Use Them. Nudity is strictly prohibited.

Exchange Zones

There are three Major Exchange Zones which you will hit twice each at miles 10, 30, 45, 57, 71, & 90.  These zones will be staffed with medical personnel, basic nutrition and hydration re-stocking supplies.

Exchange Zones can be very busy and dangerous, especially in the dark. All team members must wear a reflective vest when they are outside of their team vehicle between 5:30am-7:15am and 6:45pm-Midnight, this includes any time a team member is out of the van and NOT at an Exchange Zone.

Team Vehicle Pacing

Due to the nature of the course, van are not permitted to follow their runners or to drive by their side. If there is sufficient room to pull completely off of the road without obstructing traffic, you may do so to cheer your runner. Otherwise, Team Vehicles must proceed at the posted speed limit.

Runner Substitutions

If an active runner can no longer continue to the next Exchange Zone, he/she may be replaced by another team member to complete the leg. Once a runner has been substituted, they may no longer participate as a runner. They may serve as a Team Vehicle driver if they are physically capable of safely doing so.

Race Officials

Violations of race rules will result in disqualification or time penalties depending on the severity of the infraction. Any rules violation that is determined by race officials to have placed the safety of any participant, volunteer, staff or the general public at risk will automatically result in a team disqualification.


Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the course or in the vans at any time. There will be plenty of beer available at the post-race party when you are done.

Team Vehicles

Team Vehicles must seat at least 6-seat belted passengers but no more than 15 and be less than 20-feet long. Due to limited parking at many of the Exchange Zones vehicles such as motor homes, RVs, trailers and/or buses are not permitted as team vehicles. We strongly encourage the use of 12-15 passenger vans or SUV’s for team vehicles. All team vehicles must comply with all Local, State and Federal safety laws.

Required Equipment

Each Team Vehicle is required to have the following:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Rev3 Relay Athlete Guide
  • (6) Reflective Vests
  • (2) Headlamps (minimum)
  • (2) Red blinking LED taillights (minimum)
  • Extra Batteries
  • (2) Cell Phones
  • Painters Tape for attaching your Race Number to your Team Vehicle