Carly Johann, 30, was born and raised in Milford, Dele., and now calls herself a Calif. girl with a home base in Los Angeles. With the sunny climate and fitness-oriented lifestyle found on the West Coast, she fits in perfectly.

Growing up, Chamberlin played any sport she could get her hands and feet on—from soccer to field hockey to swimming. “After college, I kept playing soccer for a while, until I discovered triathlon,” she says.


Now a Rev3 enthusiast, she lines up her racing schedule with events across the country. She first started with Rev3 at its Williamsburg locale. “Williamsburg is a fun town I’d visited as a kid, and I knew it would be great to go back, so that was a perfect opportunity to try my first Rev3 race. I wasn’t disappointed. Rev3 did a great job with all the little aspects of race weekend that make for great memories,” says Chamberlin.

When not traveling, she works at a bike shop in Santa Monica where she is the P&A/soft goods buyer. She helps stock the store with apparel, parts and accessories—she knows about all the goodies just as they come onto market. Additionally, she’s a USA Track & Field coach. “I also do some fitness and sports modeling when I can convince a company to hire me,” she says.

Coming up, she hopes to toe the line at Branson and Knoxville for the Rev3 Age Group Championship race. Then potentially turn pro with qualification she received at Williamsburg.
To stay balanced, she takes recovery weeks during travel times and moves workouts around when exhaustion occurs. “It helps to remember that this is supposed to be fun. I approach each training session as a treat that I’m looking forward to, and I feel lucky that I can treat myself so often,” she says. She also works hard at the life/sport balance “to keep my husband from divorcing me.”


Fun Facts:
Favorite guilty food: Craft beer
Favorite nutritional product: A tie between Bonk Breakers and Pur Pak vitamin supplement

Something most people don’t know: Most of my down time is spent seeking out craft breweries to try out and finding a new favorite beer each week. Also, my husband is a writer for “Family Guy,” which is what most people say is the most interesting thing about me.

Favorite hobby outside of sport: Savoring and appreciating the love and commitment that is put into crafting and enjoying good beer. And also watching soccer. USA!

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Twitter/Instagram: @tricraftbeer

Jennifer Purdie