For 25 years, Compex’s electro muscle stimulation has been a partner to many athletes around the world, giving them the competitive edge they need. Compex is used for training, preventing injury, recovery and treating pain. Now, with COMPEX Wireless – and its wireless technology – we have made a revolutionary step…. The possibilities are truly unlimited. COMPEX Wireless has absolutely no limits in time or place, not in frequency of use or performance.

Wireless technology

COMPEX Wireless offers you professional, safe and effective muscle stimulation with greater convenience for sports enthusiasts who want to train like professionals. COMPEX Wireless is very easy to set up. No wires, no hassle. Simply get stuck into your workout with absolute freedom of movement. Its sleek design means it even makes an impression when left lying around in your interior. After all, what is more convenient than having your COMPEX Wireless always at hand?


The compact COMPEX Wireless remote fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to carry even during your workout. The colour LCD screen provides optimal visibility, and an intuitive interface shows detailed information about the various programmes, electrode placement and many more. No more reading of dense manuals. All information is just one click away.

Online training coach

COMPEX Wireless offers you a complete package of programmes and objectives, all available online. Furthermore, a smart, personal coaching programme helps you choose the right workout for your specific needs. Do you want to be prepared for the next marathon, end your next triathlon successfully, treat your lower back pain or just optimise your training? Each objective you select or create online offers a tailored protocol of activities (programmes) to reach your individual and specific goal.

Check out the introduction video below!