“Stuff” always seems to occur during training and racing whether it’s a flat tire, choppy swim conditions, a dropped water bottle or oppressive heat on the run. Sometimes we can control the “stuff” and sometimes we can’t.

A powerful piece of advice came from a presentation given by triathlon legend David Scott. It was simply, “Be in the moment.” In other words, focus on what you can do in the here and now instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Or as life coach Margie Warrell says in her book, Find Your Courage! While you are not always responsible for your experiences in life, you are always responsible for your experiences of life.”

When faced with the “stuff” that we inevitably must all face, the choice we then have as athletes is how we respond to the “stuff” – whether to get angry and frustrated or whether to simply shrug and focus on the next moment of the race. By being “in the moment” and not reacting to or dwelling on “stuff,” it is much easier for us to move forward and achieve success.

What obstacles or challenges have you faced in the past during training or racing and how did you respond to them?

Did you respond in a positive way or not? If not, how could you have responded differently?

Happy training!