That is the swim, the only part of REV3 Knoxville I can report on, sadly not even all of the swim can be reported either. One of the things I love most about triathlon is  how you can get to the start line with a million things on your mind, butterflies, nerves, excitement, plans of attacks, any and everything the mind can conceive you can bring to the start line.  The best part, the part I love, is that as soon as the gun goes off my mind shuts off.  Butterflies flutter away, thoughts of anything and everything disappear, and its just me racing.  The body is so cool how it just goes into motion, full motion all on its own.  After hours and hours of training I suppose that is a good thing, how it takes over the driver seat and handles the way…

Before the race the usual butterflies were parading, the nerves that have me in the bushes going to the bathroom were in full force, and I was wondering what in the world am I thinking.  The moment the gun went off I was loving sport as if I belong, the mind went silent and the body swam.  Thanks to the wetsuit swim it must have swam really fast because I landed myself in the front pack, (other than Mclarty who was with the boys), and it wasn’t even the effort I was imagining.  In fact, I was confident I’d get out of the water surprising my swim self.  However, I got out of the water by boat…did not even finish the swim…truly a surprise to my water loving self.  First the right arm, then the left arm taken under, then me under with both arms behind me and the chase pack right over me.  I’m not sure how long I was under or where I even came up, it was ocean swimming like never experienced and I got my butt kicked by some amazing girls with true battle skills in the swim.

I’ll be real, I feel like cussing, I’m sad my race ended in the swim, I’m upset I came all this way and didn’t even finish, I want to cry (again) that this is the result.  Yes, it is just a race and there will be so many more, but I needed this one.  It had me hoping for a payday so I could fly myself to Japan 70.3, it had me hoping for a payday to pay rent, it had me hoping for a payday so I could take Kainoa to Oahu for a local race, it had me hoping my sponsors would be stoked and keep me on board, it had me hoping… get it.  Races always fill us with hope.  And REV3 races always pay well, pretty deep too, so it had me really thinking I’d at least be making the money to fly my bike home.  I boated off course to the dock, not allowed back on course, so I went for a run…

Then I spent time cheering, at the finish line, in town, talking with friends, then I got sad again.  Unfortunately the hour of “get over it” wasn’t enough so I went for a second run. Not far, not fast, just enough to shake it off and try to enjoy the final night in Tennessee.  I feel better now.  No complaining can fix it, no wishing can go back and redo it, on the plane to home tomorrow.  Hawaii 70.3 is the next focus, after that I was wishing for Japan 70.3 but we might be scratching that off, then REV3 Portland.  As for flying the bike, I think I might just have to get creative-keep you posted!

Is the smile back, it’s getting there and in the end…it is just a race.  But because I care, the sting is still a little stingy.  Next stop, home.  Thank you REV3 for having me, truly a great place to race.  Congrats to all the athletes on some incredible finishes, thank you for the cheers on and off course.  Thank you to Swift Bikes for the good luck note, it meant the world!  To Bike Works, REV3, Splish, Coconut Girls, Club in Kona, Coach Jimmy and Coach Steve, love you all!

Bree Wee

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