REV3, the family-friendly triathlon series, rolled through Old Orchard Beach, Maine, this past weekend. In addition to the usual events – including the always-popular Endless Pool demo swims – the weekend featured particularly spirited tributes to the continued fight against ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Team REV3 triathlete Jen Small did the ‘Blazeman Roll’ at this weekend’s event. The lively finish-line crossing is named for Jon ‘Blazeman’ Blais, who was diagnosed with ALS before he’d fulfilled his dream of completing the IRONMAN™ World Championship in Kona. He vowed, “Even if I have to be rolled across the finish line, I’m finishing.” Miraculously, he did just that, ‘log-rolling’ across the finish line in 2005 to become the first person diagnosed with ALS to complete the grueling course. Since his passing in 2007, triathletes continue to do the “Blazeman Roll” in his honor. At this weekend’s REV3 triathlon, the memory of his fire and determination was alive and well.


REV3 announcer Sean English opted for the super-dunk version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As the voice of the REV3 triathlon series, which hits 12 U.S. cities this season, Sean is known for his high-spirited encouragement of all attendees. Here, he’s feeling the chill to raise money and awareness for ALS, the progressive neurodegenerative disease that frequently leads to total paralysis and death within two to five years of diagnosis. As of this Tuesday, Ice Bucket donations to the ALS Association reached $88.5 million, a 3,400% increase over the $2.6 million they’d received for the same period last year.

“Ma, this is awesome! I gotta get one of these.” This little girl gave the happiest Endless Pool recommendation of the weekend. As a proud sponsor of the 2014 REV3 series, Endless Pools was on hand this weekend with our Commercial Performance Pool. Triathletes love our smooth, adjustable swim current for being an ideal, at-home trainer for open-water conditions; kids love Endless Pools because they’re fun and not too deep. This girl’s mom, Barbra, kindly shared this video with us and reports, “Her father and I will be looking to invest in one.”

In addition to attending most U.S. REV3 events this year, Endless Pools is also raffling off an Endless Pools Fastlane® swim-current generator. With wall- and deck-mount options, the Fastlane turns any pool into an Endless Pool. You can enter to win online or at the next REV3 event, at the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, September 5th through 7th.

As with this past weekend’s Old Orchard Beach event on the beautiful Saco Bay, you can expect another full weekend of family fun. In Ohio, Friday will kick off with the nighttime Glow-in-the-Dark 5K and 1-mile Fun Run, followed by a dance party. Saturday’s highlights will include Youth and Sprint Revs, plus the Little Rev Adventure Race for parent-kid teams, featuring fun obstacles and low pressure. Sunday’s main events – the Full- and Half-Rev Triathlons, with Aquabike options for both – will be followed with a family picnic. All are welcome.