This weekend, I made the quick 45 min drive down to Williamsburg, VA to participate in the inaugural Rev3 Williamsburg race. Since it was a local race and came a good time in the schedule, I had circled this race at the beginning of the year as one of my focus races. I knew that my form had been coming around all year, so I went into the weekend feeling good and ready to race well. As always, Rev3 does a great job with media and put together this preview:


The weekend started out a bit rough with a pre-ride flat that forced me to put on a whole new tire and tube less than 24 hours before the start of the race. The Rev3 team was kind enough to snap this pic before continuing on and leaving me on the side of the road (thanks a lot guys!!!)

Rev3 Flat

After taking care of the mishap, I attended the pre-race meeting and sat in on the pro panel Q & A in front of a lot of familiar faces. It was nice to be in a ‘home’ environment and as close to you get to home court advantage in the tri world. I settled in for the night knowing that I’d have a lot of support on course.


Race morning started with crazy rain storms that had me flashing back to Knoxville. I prepped my bike to run transition with my gear in a plastic bag before heading down to swim start. I was lucky enough to have Ed Boyle with me yet again and he made the early morning set-up as smooth as possible. I sat out of the rain and sipped on First Endurance EFS until it toned down to a drizzle before warming up on the bike and getting ready to attack the water. I tested the new tire in the rain and managed to almost skid out in the parking lot… Not a whole lot of confidence going into an event that was going to depend largely on my ability to bike well!

The swim was a tough one, but in my case that’s generally in my favor! Kyle Leto and I swam well and put around 2 minutes into the field. He was definitely the better dolphin diver and came out of the water first for the swim prime. I was only a few seconds behind and knew I had the legs to do some damage in the coming 56 miles…


The first few miles were a little back and forth with Kyle before he was called to stand down for an overtaking penalty. I can’t comment to the call as it happened behind me, but I definitely feel that he (and I) was working very hard to ride legally and fairly. Regardless, I was on my own and decided to make the most of it. I pushed the pace HARD and came through the first 25 miles in under 55 minutes. I knew I was making good time and could tell by the out and back sections that I’d put a good bit of time into the field. I stuck to my nutrition/fueling plan with EFS and liquid shot coming at regular intervals. Coming into transition, my 2:05 bike split was the best on the day and definitely the best ride I’ve pulled off!

I took off on the run knowing full well that there were some phenomenal athletes behind me. I had pushed to the limits on the bike and hoped that my taper plan was a good one. The whole idea behind resting for a race is to find new limits of performance and I was either going to do just that or end up looking pretty foolish. Memories of Rev3 Cedar Point danced through my mind as I went through the first half of the run with my 5 minute lead intact. Doing some simple math, I knew that the guys behind me would have to run sub 5 min/mile pace to catch me.


I settled into a sustainable pace the last lap of the run and started to enjoy all the local energy that was on the course. In the end, I came in to the finish shoot just over 3:53 and had time to grab Ashley for a quick run to the finish and a quick kiss (Yes, this is me, not the elusive Eric Limpkemann):


I did a quick out and back to thank the great fans and spectators that made the run almost enjoyable despite the painful effort. It’s rare and amazing when everything goes according to plan! I have had a lot of people support me both publicly and behind the scenes, so I’m happy to give them something in return! Here is the interview from the finish line. I did my best to think straight and sound intelligent:


Obviously, the race was a good one for me and my biggest win to date. It’s a great way to cap off the first half of the season and head into a quick mid-season break. Thanks to the Rev3 crew and all the local volunteers who made this race a great first-year event. Huge thanks to everyone who cheered me on and who competed on the day. Of course, my sponsors have been with me all along and I’m happy to repay them with a win. BlueSeventy, First Endurance, ISM Saddles, Utopian Coffee, The Sport Factory, and 3 Sports all had a hand in making it happen. Here’s the video recap of how it all went down (The recap starts about 4:15 into the video…)


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Eric Limkemann