“I enjoy REV3 because of the family friendly atmosphere,” said Caldwell Clarke, a Lieutenant for Fairfax County (Va) Fire & Rescue Department¬† “The Clarke family is ready for the family/kids adventure race as well as the Glow Run 5K!”

Clarke’s life is about balance, not just balancing time but also energy in life. As a career firefighter, Clarke has a schedule that suits training with days off. With that though comes long 24 hour shifts where is can be in constant motion and must be in accurate and extreme concentration.

“As a career firefighter, working 24 hour shifts, I am lucky to have lots of days off. It is awesome to be able to get workouts in while the kids are at school so that, as a family, we can enjoy time in the afternoon and evenings. I have to balance that with a very physical career.”

Clarke recently won the Clydesdale division at REV3 Knoxville and will be racing both REV3 Quassy and REV3 Williamsburg this month.


“My goal this season is to first qualify for the Age Group Championship and then be competitive at the REV3 Knoxville in May 2014.”

Clarke trains in 10 day training blocks, and has one day off during that block. He swims or runs in the early mornings, does longer cycling workouts when the kids are in school. He fits in some workouts on the treadmill at the firehouse.

Clarke travels to the races with his two kids and wife. He is racing for the Wattie Ink Elite Team for 2013.


Fun facts about Caldwell Clarke:

Hometown: Leesburg, Virginia

Coffee or tea? Coffee!

Swim in am or pm? AM

Magazine or newspaper? Newspaper. I have to track my Washington Redskins and Washington Nationals.

Mac or PC? Mac

Favorite snack on bike ride? PowerBar Energy Blasts

Milk or dark chocolate? Skim Milk

Coke or Pepsi? Cola flavored PowerBar Energy Blasts

What is your most important thing to bring on your bike ride? My Garmin. Im a data freak!

What are your three words to describe triathlon and what it means to you? Dedicated. Determined. Persevere.

Caldwell Clarke