After five weeks traveling and racing the ITU circuit in Europe, it was really exciting to return back to the east coast to race Maine Rev3. I hadn’t raced a non draft race since May and was eager to get back on my QuintanaRoo time trial bike and see what I could do. I was also thrilled to be spending the weekend with my team, Off the Front Multisport and Team Psycho!


Considering our team is spread out across the country, it is not often that we get to race together. When the opportunity rose for us to all get together for Maine Rev3 we embraced the fun atmosphere by dressing up like lobsters, doing pre-race training together and eating eight pizzas the night before. The whole team set up made for a relaxing and fun weekend full of comradery and support.


I had struggled a bit in my last two non-draft races so going into this race I really wanted to see what I could do. At the start of the swim I realized I was in a pretty good place. I had a nice start into the water and my goal was just to stay towards the front of the pack. It was pretty awesome how much less aggressive the swim was compared to the draft legal races I’ve been doing. My sweet Kiwami suit was not being grabbed from the butt and pulled back which was quite refreshing! I came out of the water in fourth and took advantage of the long transition to make up the gap to the girls ahead. It worked and I got off onto the bike right behind Radka Vodickova.

At this time I still wasn’t sure whether or not more people had gotten away on the swim. So as always in triathlon I raced like I was chasing people and knew I was being chased. Being pretty new to non-draft I was hyper aware of avoiding penalties, which in a way kept me entertained the entire ride; trying to weave through people like MarioKart with my Rudy aero helmet. The course was beautiful and a bit hillier than I had anticipated which played to my strengths. I got off the bike in third and was really excited about having such a solid ride and holding my ground!


Then it was off on the run! I’ve been feeling confident in my run and planned to relax at the beginning to assure a solid run as a whole. I took control of the run early on, but as is the case in triathlon, you run scared of those charging from behind. I knew there were strong runners behind me and I didn’t want to chance laying off the gas to be caught. I tried to keep pressing by picking off other runners ahead. I was so stoked to win the race! I have had success in ITU racing, and to experience success in a non-draft makes me feel like a more complete triathlete.

Finish Line Video


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Maine Rev3 was such a cool experience and having my team there completed that. It was awesome seeing my teammates racing on the same course; some who had started in the men’s pro wave ahead of me and other teammates who started in later waves. The whole atmosphere of the race was the perfect combination of fun and competitive and I look forward to doing more races like this in the future!

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