Going into Rev3 FL I had one goal- and that was to win. I chose to not solely focus on the Rev3 series because I also wanted to do the Lifetime Fitness Series. Therefore, when it came to series points, I was at a disadvantage because I had less loyalty points.

Anyways—I prepared for the race for 4 weeks. I looked at the girls I had to beat in order to win the series, and I knew I had to rock the swim because that is how I was going to win the race. Nicole Kelleher and I were back and forth all season with the bike/run so my main focus was to put 2x as much time on the field in the swim.

Well-the swim was cancelled and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Before the start of the race I spent some time alone and tried so hard not to get upset. I had worked extremely hard in pool and open water sessions and was really bummed to have that taken away-especially when that was how I was planning on winning the race.

I gathered myself, toed the line, and decided I had to race Nicole. Head to head no matter what. It was a run-bike-run and I took the run out a tiny bit faster than everyone else. I did this because it was still an easy pace and I did not want to be involved with the chaos in the small T1 area. I wanted to have a clean mount and be able to get in my shoes without rushing. I went head to head with Nicole on bike and I went out too hard. With a swim, I was planning on having a few minute lead on the bike and coming off with Nicole and battling on the run. However, this was the race now and I had to go with her on the bike. I suffered so much on the last 15 miles. More than I ever have in a race. When I got off I was dizzy, light headed, and feeling like I have never felt before. Usually, I feel great on the run no matter what the outcome of the bike is.

The first loop of the run was death. I was running slower than I did in warmup. I was in 10th place and I wanted to quit. Thank God my friends and parents were out on the course encouraging me to continue. The second loop I finally felt like myself and ran into 5th place. My first mile was something like 7:15 and my last was 6:15. First time I have ever negative split a half marathon 🙂

No this was not the result I wanted. This was not a good performance by me at all. However, it was my proudest race thus far in my career. I could have thrown in the towel so easily and walked away. But I kept fighting, and raced through the very end. This roller coaster of a race is one I will never forget.

Thanks to Rev3 for the great series-my family, friends, and coach for believing in me- and to God for blessing me with a gift to do what I love. Also, congratulations to Nicole for being consistent all year and pulling off a result when it counted. Next up: UWC triathlon in Bahamas and then some much needed down time.

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