As a young up and comer, it’s hard to believe triathlete Lauren Goss is fairly new to the professional racing scene. Yet this Florida resident currently stands at the top of the Rev3 series leaderboard, above high-profile athletes such as Mirinda Carfrae and Kelly Williamson.

At the beginning of her sport career, Goss concentrated her efforts in the draft-legal eve nts and racked up international titles at prestigious races. Recently she morphed her training and now appears to be settling into the non-draft distances.

Previous to racing, this spunky blonde earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina, proving that she’s also got a head on those strong shoulders.

We chatted with Goss on her potential as the ultimate winner of the Rev3 series, her transition into the longer distances and we dove a little deeper into her life outside of triathlon.

Rev3: Congrats on being the current lead in the Rev3 series. The Rev3 races draw a lot of top-level pros. What advantage do you feel you have to stand at the top?

Goss: I honestly really don’t feel like I have an advantage by leading the series at the moment. The other girls ranked in the top will start monitoring my results more closely and taking note of the races I have coming up.

Rev3: What goals do you have for the Rev3 series? Would you do a full if it meant finishing first or is that not a goal for you?

Goss: My goal is to win the Rev3 series. I have only done two half-distance races in my career, so stepping up to do a full would be a bit of a leap. However, I would not rule it out yet.


Rev3: You are a new comer to the long distances. Was the longer distance a shock to your body or did it cope well? How did your body manage?

Goss: The longer distance rocked my body. I am pretty sure it was from the course in Portland though and not from the distance itself. I train for the half distance, so I know I am prepared for them. I raced an Olympic distance race six days after Portland so we will see how my body responds.

Rev3: What pulled you into competing in the Rev3 series?

Goss: My first Rev3 race was South Carolina. I competed in this race because it was in the same town I went to college in. The Rev3 staff made me feel welcome and I always felt like I had so much support. Rev3 provides a fun atmosphere and overall is a great experience.

Rev3: How did you get your start in triathlon?

Goss: I actually had a boyfriend in college who competed in triathlon and he got me started in them.

Rev3: What is the one racing gear product you cannot live without?

Goss: My SRM thanks to Davis Wheelworks.

Rev3: What is something surprising about you that not everyone knows?

Goss: I got a degree in Biological Sciences from Clemson University and I did not do any collegiate sport.

Rev3: What is your guilty pleasure?

Goss: Red wine and froyo [frozen yogurt].

Rev3: What is an embarrassing racing story you could share?

Goss: One time I went to the porta potty three times during the run and my bike shoe fell off running my bike out of T1.

Interview by Jennifer Purdie