Andy Rosebrook, 43, a current Royersford, Penn. resident and part of the Rev3 Age Group Team, claims the distinction of completing more Rev3 events than any other member. He travels, trains, works a challenging day job and above all, remains a devoted father and husband. He maintains a work/life balance, but it’s heavy on both ends.

A Rev3 veteran to the maximum, Rosebrook started with the organization in the very first race at Quassy in 2009. He found an appreciation for the atmosphere and environment at Rev3. “[Rev3] does such an amazing job creating a challenging race course, breathtaking bike rides, assembling amazing professional fields and giving regular athletes unparalleled access to these amazing athletes, and then balancing that experience with family-friendly locations with activities for everyone,” he says.


His foray into the sport started out like a typical elite age grouper: as a member of the cross country and track teams in high school. In college, at California Maritime Academy, he played water polo—no doubt setting the platform for top-notch swim skills; he also played basketball and volleyball. Surprisingly, he spent the next 14 years getting out of shape while in the U.S. Navy before discovering triathlons in 2003. He has since completed 62 triathlons and duathlons and 10 marathons.


Luckily, he has a job that allows him pursue his passion rigorously. Rosebrook serves as a senior project engineer for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He conducts inspections and assesses the performance of nuclear power plants to ensure they are operating in accordance with their operating licenses and federal regulations. But not only does he travel for sport, he is also on the road for work. “I have inspected at over 20 different plants including Indian Point outside New York City, Three Mile Island, Vermont Yankee, and Fort Calhoun outside Omaha, Neb., he says.

Rosebrook also has two teenagers who never sleep and is married to his high school sweetheart for 22 years. His family life allows him to keep a fresh perspective on this busy life. “My family and my job are my top priorities and I use triathlon as a way to keep balanced mentally and physically, and stay focused and refreshed,” he says. “I probably train less than a lot of the folks I race, but I have fun and make sure I stay focused on my family and my job of ensuring public health and safety.”


In 2013, he’s already competed at Knoxville, Quassy and Williamsburg. Check out his Rev3 resume:

22 Rev3 races

Rev3 Quassy Half Rev 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Rev3 Quassy Olympic 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Rev3 Knoxville Olympic 2010, 2012, 2013
Rev3 Knoxville Half Rev 2011
Rev3 Cedar Point Full Rev 2010
Rev3 South Carolina Anderson Half Rev 2011
Rev3 South Carolina Anderson Olympic 2012
Rev3 Wisconsin Dell Olympic 2012
Rev3 Maine-Old Orchard Beach Olympic 2012
Rev3 Half Full Triathlon 70 miles 2012
Rev3 Williamsburg Olympic 2013
Rev3 glow runs at Knoxville and Quassy in 2013

He also hit 40 in a big way: “I decided to do the Rev3 Quassy in 2010 with the Olympic on Saturday and half on Sunday for my 40th birthday, saying goodbye to 39 on Saturday with the Olympic and hello to 40 on my birthday that Sunday. I am likely the only person who has completed every Rev3 race held at Quassy (5 Half Revs, 4 Olympic Revs and 1 Glow Run 5K). As you can tell, I love the Rev3 experience,” says Rosebrook.

Fast Facts:

Favorite guilty food: McDonald’s double cheeseburger and a large chocolate shake (mandatory post half or full Rev)

Favorite nutritional product: Biotta Naturals Beet and Black Currant Juices and Powerbar Harvest Energy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Favorite hobby outside of sport: I am a huge NASCAR and Jeff Gordon Fan (Jeff is from Vallejo, Calif. where I when to college). I also love playing Texas Holdem Poker on line (for fun not $$). I also am a hair band/metal fanatic. In 2012, took my oldest son Adrian to see Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper in concert. Best show ever!

–Jennifer Purdie