These are in my running bag once the temp goes under 40. I know these are for cycling, but these are the BEST running pant EVER!!!!!! Incredible wind and water protection in front, and lined with fleece. The back of the pant is a breathable fabric, that keeps the temp balanced. I don’t run in anything else in the cold – ever. I found these several years ago, and can run in minus 10 degrees without anything else.

I wash them after each run, and they hold up season after season with very little stress. They also do NOT get the typical exercise clothing smell. You can search the internet for AmFIB Cycling Tight from Pearl Izumi. From the web site Pearl Izumi recommends these in 21˚F to 33˚F, but that is for cycling. For running, I have run in minus 10 a few times, and they kept me plenty warm. One tip – if you run in these, I suggest wearing long socks as they will keep the very small gap warm between the pants and your shoes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, these are a solid 10.




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