A thank you for those who came out to volunteer for their second year in support of their school crb_newspaper. This student group rocked the Rev3 !

Dear Rev3,

The students were thrilled to participate and are STILL talking it up. They had an amazing time volunteering for your triathlon. The first time volunteers could not get over how organized, how athleticand how inspiring the whole day was. The veteran volunteers had a blast, taking pics, showing theyounger ones what to do and more. When school resumed, it was nonstop talk about their experiences.Thank you for the opportunity, especially the 6 a.m. shift.

For our all day volunteers, the lunches were great, your staff checked in on us twice, supplies were perfect–it was really well done.

Students had no complaints, only compliments. Please know you created a truly inspiring day that hasthem awaiting next year. Oh, their parents and friends went to the Expo and were waiting for them atQuassy. Many stayed and saw more of the action, and said they had a great time.

Thank you again. Please tell your team how wonderful their work was, and how they motivated students,parents and our school community to read up on Rev3. Your impact is far reaching!

Sincerely, Alena — Kennedy High School, Journalism Dept.