I have worked almost every Rev3 race since the series started, only missing for weddings or graduation. The amazing part of being at every race is the staff gets very close with the racers. It is not uncommon to have racers come up and talk about the last race or ask questions about the current race. The family grows each and every race.

The “family” feel even extends to pro athletes. When I first meet pros, it is not all about the photo shoot or the video interview we do. No, it’s more about

meeting and getting to know them. One pro athlete that I have really gotten to know better is Andrew Starykowicz. When I first met him, my initial reaction was confidence. He was ultra-confident and wasn’t afraid to tell me how he was going to do in the race. I instantly liked him. It’s hard not to. Trust me, just sit down and talk to him for a few minutes at a race and you will feel the same.

In the first Simplystu show of the 9th season, I sit down and talk with Andrew Starykowicz. We had agreed I could ask him anything, and I did. We talked about one of the craziest years a pro athlete could have. Everything from prison to a wedding. There is one point in the interview it sounded like a movie script. In the end things worked out with multiple wins to close out the season. Get a glimpse into the real life of a pro triathlete Andrew Starykowicz in the SimplyStu Podcast, and join us Wednesday Feb 13th at 8pm EST for a live interview where YOU get a chance to ask Andrew questions.


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FEBRUARY 13th (Wendnesday)@ 8pm EST