It was an exciting weekend of racing in Middlebury, Connecticut for the 4th annual Rev3 Quassy Triathlon.  Though the weather on the east coast was forecasted for a lot of RAIN all weekend long, the sun shone brightly Sunday morning and continued throughout the day for all who were racing the half distance.

With a $125,000 dollars on the line, it was sure to attract top tier athletes and this year did not disappoint.  In the pro men’s field- 4 of the top 5 athletes returned including 2011 Rev3 Quassy champion, James Cunnama, 3rd place Joe Gambles, 4th place Paul “Barney” Matthews, and 5th place Matt Reed.  In the pro women’s field- 3 of the top 5 returned to have a shot at receiving the crown – 2nd place Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae, 3rd place Angela Naeth, and 5th place Heather Jackson.  But the professional roster kept running deep- it was a world-class field.  The men- Richie Cunningham, Jesse Thomas, Kaleb VanOrt, Brian Fleischmann, Victor Zyemtsev, Rich Allen, Chris McDonald, and Tim Deboom. The women: Heather Wurtele, Kelly Williamson, Malaika Homo, the Wassner twins, Michelle Bremer, Jess Meyers, and Nicole Kelleher- all fit and ready to race.  It was anybody’s race this year. Elite men start the Rev3 Quassy Half Rev.

The day started off with a non-wetsuit swim which favored expert swimmers, Matt Reed and Brian Fleischmann, who had a 35sec lead out of the water to Paul Matthews and the rest of the men’s field.  By mile 15 into the 56-mile bike, a small group of 4 men had formed: James Cunnama, Paul Matthews, Joe Gambles, and Richie Cunningham.  These four athletes would stay together for the remainder of the race, duking it out all the way to the 12-mile mark on the run.  But it was Rev3’s Richie Cunningham who would ultimately put together one of his best performances – running his way to his first Quassy victory.

On the women’s side, Kelly Williamson and Laurel Wassner led out of the water with a few others but it was Heather Wurtele who quickly took the lead on the bike and had no reason to look over her shoulder until the last couple of miles of the run.  There was quite a race shaping up behind her though- with biking power houses Angela Naeth and Heather Jackson coming out of the swim over 3:30 behind the leaders- they had a lot of work to do. And work they did. By the end of the bike, Naeth was 40 seconds behind Wurtele.

Meanwhile Mirinda Carfrae was having an awesome day on the bike, ticking off one athlete at a time and when Naeth came past, Carfrae did all she could do to not let Naeth out of her sights.

And that paid off for the Australian who had set herself up to run her way to victory.  But it wasn’t easy.  Only catching Naeth and Wurtel with 3 miles to go, these ladies hung together until the last mile where Carfrae made her move and took the crown for the second time here in Quassy. It was a duel to remember in both the men and women’s race- we were all at the edge of our seats.

Congratulations to every athlete who raced Rev3 Quassy.  It was a fantastic effort from all. And a huge THANK YOU! to all our volunteers and staff- we couldn’t do it without you guys.


Rev3 Triathlon Quassy HalfREV
Middlebury, Connecticut June 3, 2012
Swim 1.2 mi. / Bike 56 mi. / Run 13.1 mi.


  1. Richie Cunningham, 4:00:32  (
  2. James Cunnama, 4:00:46
  3. Joe Gambles, 4:01:02
  4. Jesse Thomas, 4:03:25
  5. Paul Matthews, 4:05:01
  6. Matty Reed, 4:07:17
  7. Kaleb VanOrt, 4:09:50
  8. Viktor Zyemtsev, 4:13:14
  9. Rich Allen, 4:14:14
  10. Kirk Nelson, 4:18:07


  1. Mirinda Carfrae, 4:27:42.0  (
  2. Heather Wurtele, 4:27:59.9
  3. Angela Naeth, 4:28:24.6
  4. Heather Jackson, 4:34:07
  5. Laurel Wassner, 4:34:08
  6. Kelly Williamson, 4:36:18
  7. Madeleine Oldfield, 4:41:03
  8. Michelle Bremer, 4:41:17
  9. Malaika Homo, 4:42:02
  10. Jessica Meyers, 4:42:20
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