Well folks- race weekend is fully underway!! Our staff and volunteers have done an amazing job setting up the expo area and the race course. We’ve got more arrows than ever before mapping out the bike and the run, so “Big Sexy” will know exactly where to go. (wink wink). Nah- we think y’all will have a great time on Sunday- the course is awesome.

Most of today, we’ve all been busy working on our own individual jobs and working together as a team to get what needs to be sorted, sorted and in the right amount of time to be ready for you guys and the weekend!

The PROs have arrived and we’ve been able to grab a few of them to be interviewed by our media guys. Be on the lookout for a pre-race video on https://rev3tri.com/live/.

Let’s talk you through some of the “pro-athletes to watch” on Sunday.

On the men’s side, there seems to be a little rivalry between Chris McDonald (Big Sexy) and Andrew Starkowitz. Maybe it’s because they’re so close in points but both of these athletes have prepared for this race and plan to leave it all out there on the course – going for the big W of the Rev3 Series. But these two guys are not the only ones to watch this race- we’ve got Trakkers’ athletes Richie Cunningham and Brian Fleischmann dukin’ it out up there AND the aussies: Tim Berkel and Stephen Hackett. The men’s list keeps going with names like Maxim Kriat, David Thompson, Rich Allen, and Viktor Zyemtsev- all which we could see be at the front of the race. Let’s have some fun on Sunday fellas!

On the women’s side- we’ve got Kate Major leading the series points but make no mistake about it, she’s got some serious competition. Magali Tisseyre, Meredith Kessler, Malaika Homo, Tenille Hoogland, Nina Kraft, and our Trakkers’ athlete, Courtenay Brown. And don’t forget the ITU gals making the jump up to the half distance- Jasmine Oenick and Lauren Goss. People, we’ve got a race on the women’s side. There is a solid field of swim/bike/runners- it may just come down to the last 10k of the run- who has it in them for the win on Sunday?

That’s all for now- a big day tomorrow.

Good night y’all!