The Holiday season is here! Give your favorite Triathlete the gift of a Revolution3 Race Entry!! This will have you winning best gift status for years to come and you won’t have to wait in line or even step foot outside your house! Simply select the distance and venue for the race and your athlete will be on their way to receiving a free race entry*. A Gift Certificate with an entry code will then be e-mailed to you. This code can be used to register for the race. Print the certificate or e-mail it to the Triathlete as the gift.

For those truly ambitious Triathletes, they can even apply that certificate towards a longer distance. So don’t struggle any more trying to figure out what to buy for your Triathlete. Get them the experience they will remember forever. If you simply aren’t sure which race they will want to do, NO WORRIES, the race venue can be changed easily at the participant’s request!

*Gift Certificate values can be applied towards any 2013 Rev3 Race and fees. Athletes are responsible for their own USAT participation license (either purchasing a one day license or showing proof of valid membership).

Happy Holidays!