Rev3 is pleased to announce a partnership with Multisport MINISTRIES, a non-profit International Christian men’s triathlon team.

Multisport MINISTRIES will utilize its quickly growing International membership to provide the following services for the entire 2011 Rev3 race series:

  1. Opening prayer,
  2. Pre-race “Encouragement Meetings,”
  3. National anthem singers,
  4. Local church support,
  5. Overall moral support and a “Last Place Finisher” designee. The “Last Place Finisher” designee insures that no one other than a Multisport MINISTIRES member will be the last place finisher of any race.

“The family & positive values of Rev3 and Multisport MINISTRIES create an awesome no-brainer partnership. Both organizations have a strong desire to see entire families attend the races in supportive yet competitive environments” says Rev3 owner Charlie Patten.

“We are very enthusiastic about this partnership and opportunity to help Rev3 up the ante in the growing sport of triathlon, as well as to reach and support triathletes at a whole new level” says Erik Birkholz founder of Multisport MINISTRIES.

About Multisport MINISTRIES:
Multisport MINISTRIES is a International non-profit 501(c)3 triathlon club that was formed in 2008 with the desire to keep men out of solitude.  As a men’s athletic ministry Multisport MINISTRIES members train their bodies for the sport of triathlon while dedicating their lives to pleasing God through worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, missions and accountability. It is our vision to showcase the fulfillment that comes from embracing Christ as our savior within the healthy yet competitive lifestyle of a multisport athlete.