Rev3 Costa Rica has partnered with Rainforest Alliance to bring you our very first sustainable event! We are extremely excited to be working with this international leader on environmental issues.

Rainforest Alliance has over 21 years of experience conserving biodiversity, encouraging sustainable livelihoods and reforming business practice and consumer habits. More specifically, we will be working closely with the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Tourism division where travelers can utilize savvy tools such as  Please go to to learn more about Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Tourism.

Rev3 Costa Rica will work closely with Rainforest Alliance to find solutions to curb our carbon footprint, reduce waste and educate athletes and their families on sustainable issues.  Rev3’s goal has always been to create change in the way athletes, families and spectators view and participate in triathlons.  By making sustainable choices and setting an example for future events, we continue to strive to meet those goals and provide a safe and healthy environment for all participants.

Please see the following pages to learn more about Rev3 Costa Rica Green Initiatives and what you can do to help!

Travel Tips:

  1. Make a charitable donation of emission reductions or dollars to offset the emissions produced by your travel. Details on this year’s offset program are listed below.
  2. Use public transportation or the rideshare program listed below.
  3. Participate in the towel and sheet reuse program at your hotel.
  4. Carry a reusable drink container.
  5. Recycle your materials in appropriate bins.
  6. Turn off your hotel room lights, heat, air conditioning, television and other electronics when you leave the room. Also, do not leave chargers for electronics such as cell phones or mp3 players plugged in except when they are actively being used to charge something.
  7. Pass along your crb_newspaper to someone else after you’ve read it, or make sure you recycle it.

For more tips on sustainable travel, please go to:

Green Your Trip

is an offset program that considers an average of a 2 week stay in Costa Rica (local transportantion and lodging) although the international flight is not considered. The client will sponsor a tree that will at least fix a CO2 ton, that is enough for his/her trip. Please visit the site below to offset your stay in Costa Rica.

Want to share a ride to the Rev3 Costa Rica Event? Meet new people, reduce your carbon footprint and save on gas! Just follow the link below for further information: