March 17, 2016 – Rev3 Triathlon announces Quarq Race Intelligence will be available to athletes at Rev3 Races in 2016, starting in Knoxville on May 22nd.

Rev3 is dedicated to improving the race experience for athletes, their families and spectators. Quarq Race Intelligence allows spectators to use their smartphone to track athletes in real time with updates every minute that show location, speed, pace, heart-rate and even power. This gives spectators the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time and cheer on their friends, family and the Pros.

“Our focus in 2016 is to give spectators and families a race experience rivaling that of the athlete. This is just another leap forward in our efforts to push the boundaries of what the race experience is all about,” says Jay Peluso, Rev3 National Race Director. “Being the premier provider of race intelligence solutions, Quarq was the ideal partner. They have been great to work with. While all of our professional athletes will be outfitted with Quarq Qollectors, Rev3 will be the first non-WTC race also offering this level of real time race information to amateur, age group athletes. We expect it to be a big hit with their support crews.

A Quarq Qollector will be available for rental from just $39. This small, waterproof, wearable tracker uses GPS, ANT+™ and cellular technology to transmit data during the race. Quarq will be onsite at all 2016 Rev3 events to help support the usage of their technology.

“The Rev3 race series was created to change the way athletes, family members, and spectators view and participate in triathlons of all distances. Quarq Race Intelligence was conceived to deliver a new era of engagement in cycling and triathlon,” says Quarq founder and now Technology Director, Jim Meyer, “ It lets athletes share their passion with family, friends and fans — online and in real time — and is a perfect match for Rev3’s goals. We are proud to partner with Rev3 and offer Quarq Race Intelligence to age-group racers for the very first time”

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Endurance athletes who are serious about success rely on Quarq data systems to deliver the information they need to achieve their goals. Quarq power meters, Quarq Race Intelligence and Quarq Qollector are all built on the same foundation: Uncompromising quality, rigorous testing, constant innovation and compelling value.

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