Well folks, we did it! Our inaugural Half and Olympic Rev3 Triathlon South Carolina Race has come to a close- wasn’t it an awesome day? We had a blast and thank each athlete and spectator for coming out and supporting this race.

The finale to the 2011 Rev3 Race Series capped off in Anderson, South Carolina where we had several professional athletes toeing the line – ready to put it all out there – to win the $15,000 bonus and REV3 Series Champion title: Andrew Starkowitz, Chris McDonald, David Thompson, and Kate Major.

If you followed us on twitter (@REV3TRI) or caught some of the LIVE updates and recaps of the race on rev3tri.com/live, you’d see just how the race unfolded in the professional field this morning.

On the men’s side- Brian Fleischmann lead a group of five out of the swim including Andrew Starkowitz, Richie Cunningham, Stephen Hackett, and Stanislav Krylov (aka Stas). Just as quick as these pros exited the water- they were off on the bike- and onto the course. Starkowitz was off the front and wasn’t looking back- this race was on! Two groups of riders formed over the 56 mile bike course – chasing in hot pursuit. But by the end of the bike, Starkowitz had a massive lead on the men’s field- nearly five minutes. Onto the run-

Starkowitz remained composed and focused. The first chase group of men off the bike quickly split up. Rich Allen surged ahead of Stas, Callum Millward, and David Thompson- he was holding steady at second place. The second chase group included Chris McDonald, Maxim Kriat, Tim Berkel, Jordan Jones, Fleischmann, and Cunningham. It took the entire 13.1 miles to figure out our top 9 men- the man that lead off the bike by 5 minutes was never going be caught and never looked over his shoulder.

Andrew Starkowitz took the win, followed by:

  • #2. Rich Allen
  • #3. Callum Millward
  • #4. Tim Berkel
  • #5. Maxim Kriat
  • #6. Stanisloav Krylov
  • #7. Chris McDonald
  • #8. Richie Cunningham
  • #9. Jordan Jones
  • #10. David Thompson
[youtube width=”650″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlmfMDTE904[/youtube]

On the women’s side- Meredith Kessler was having “her day” on the Rev3 South Carolina course. Jazzy Jasmine Oenick lead out of the swim followed closely by Kessler, Clemson grad and ITU gal, Lauren Goss, Tenille Hoogland, Malaika Homo, and Nina Kraft. Shooting out on the bike- Kessler quickly took the lead and was smiling as she past through the mile 20 mark. Oenick was staggered behind 10 seconds, followed by Hoogland and then the fiesty Magali Tisseyre, Homo, and Goss. Little did anyone know what Kessler was in for within 10miles…around mile 35, she lost her saddle and had to ride the remainder of the ride standing. What a fighter- she never gave up.

By the time T2 came, Hoogland was leading the ladies followed by Oenick, Homo, Tisseyre, and Kessler. These girls were all close to each other and with similar run times- it promised a battle. Hoogland lead most of the 13.1 mile run while Tisseyre, Homo, and Kessler duked it out for 2, 3, 4th position. It was until the girls were on their way home to the finishline that Tisseyre made her move. At mile 12.5 she and Hoogland were neck and neck. It was a race to watch!

But Magali Tisseyre surged ahead and crossed the line and claimed victory. A battle well fought. Top ten women:

  • #2. Tenille Hoogland
  • #3. Meredith Kessler
  • #4. Malaika Homo
  • #5. Lauren Goss
  • #6. Kate Major
  • #7. Courtenay Brown
  • #8. Tamara Kozulina
  • #9. Marilyn McDonald
  • #10. Stephanie Jones
[youtube width=”650″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppla5PRtltQ[/youtube]

2011 Rev3 Series Winners:

  • Men: Andrew Starkowitz
  • Women: Kate Major

Age Group (Half Rev):

Top 5 overall men :

  1. James McCurdy
  2. Thomas Gerlach
  3. Christopher Giordanelli
  4. Sebastian Binnemann
  5. John Shilt
Top 5 overall Women:

  1. Erin Young
  2. Erin McKee
  3. Dee Atkins
  4. Hallie Blunck
  5. Tara Martine

Age Group (Olympic REV):


  1. Jacob Shults
  2. Sandy Alexander
  3. Carl Eichert
  4. Tucker McFarlane
  5. James DeFilippi

  1. Bridget Campbell
  2. Tracy Palmer
  3. Katie June
  4. Yvonne Bedell
  5. Gin Fleming

SECT Champs:

  1. Auburn
  2. Clemson
  3. Georgia

Today has been an incredible day and we couldn’t have done it with out our sponsors of the race- Pilot, All3Sports, Recovery Pump, Muscle Milk, A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques), Yakima, Blue Ridge Orthopaedics, Jack Black, Gatorade, TYR, Avia, Fuel Belt, GU, Headsweats, Kestrel, Elite Bicycles, TRAKKERS, Addaero, EricWynn.org.

A huge thank you to our staff and our volunteers- each team member is so important to us. We fully believe that individual commitment to a group effort is what makes our team work– and our races work. With Rev3 South Carolina being a new race- anything can happen.

As Magali Tisseyre mentioned during her finishline interview:

“It felt like this race has been happening for years- it was well-organized, professional, the course was beautiful, and the volunteers were great!”

Last but certainly not least- Anderson. Thank you for opening up your neighborhood and main roads, for your policemen manning the intersections, and for your volunteers and support- THANK YOU. We look forward to 2012.


PRO Race Recap

[vimeo width=”651″ height=”366″]http://www.vimeo.com/30297618[/vimeo]

Finish line Update

[youtube width=”650″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-N3ZnbfLpg[/youtube]

… and stay tuned for more race recap videos!