Rev3 welcomes the efforts of Save The Outdoor School Team to raise money and awareness for The Outdoor School!  Come on out and volunteer with them!

Outdoor School is the oldest continuously running environmental education program in the United States, having been established in 1966. It is a program where sixth graders students from Portland and surrounding areas can go to a summer camp site to learn about four fields of science: water, animals, plants, and soil and how to conserve and preserve the environment in a hands-on setting. Students can come back in high school as student leaders, where they are responsible for guiding a cabin of students and teaching one of the four field studies. Not only is Outdoor School a place for sixth grade students to succeed in the subject of science but also a place for them to grow as a person, create connections with people they would not otherwise have had an opportunity to interact with, and discover a passion for learning.

Outdoor School will most likely be shortened to a 3-day, 2 night program due to the current economic state. With a shorter week, students would spend half the time that they normally would on each field student which means fewer activities, less time to retain information, and difficulty making connections between the different field studies, themselves, and the natural world around them. Meaningful connections between students do not usually form until the third or fourth day of the week.

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