Rev3Tri is pleased to announce Addaero, the easiest coaching platform on the web, as the latest sponsor for Rev3 Coaching.  Addaero, one of the leading online coaching platforms, appealed to Rev3 Coaching for its visionary approach in creating a brand.

Says Rev3 owner, Charlie Patten: “Addaero is a smaller company comprised of athletes wanting to create a tool for other athletes. This is the same model upon which Rev3 is built so we felt a unique syngery in this partnership.”

Partner and Founder of Addaero, Kevin Curtis said, “We are extremely excited to begin 2011 with this partnership and to offer our capabilities and services to Rev3 coaches and their athletes.  Addaero has helped many racers and coaches obtain and exceed their race goals for over 6 years.  Our 2011 plans to advance our exposure within the triathlon coaching market could not have started better than to be a part of the Rev3 race experience

Rev3 Coaching is thrilled at the opportunity to utilize Addaero to design our comprehensive training plans and are excited to continue to expose this outstanding tool to the public.  Addaero was developed based on the personal experiences of a coach and an athlete to create a smooth and timely transition between coaching intentions and an athlete’s training.  The result is an easy to use interface that stores, catalogues, assigns, and receives workout feedback to create a coaching environment driven by results.   Utilizing this platform is a key element for both coaches and athletes to reach their potential!