Stacked short course speed depth coming out to race
Rev3 Triathlon series is heading to Maine for the last Olympic distance event on the 2013 REV3 circuit. The field is diverse with the two series leaders racing along with some short course young talent and some long course veterans.


The swim will take place at Old Orchard Beach, accessing the Atlantic Ocean. Look for Brian Fleishman, Kyle Leto and Eric Limkemann to lead the swim. With a fair number of solid swimmers lining up, including the young Rudy Kasher and Chris Braden, the swim could result in a steady stream of athletes into T1. The ocean swim, depending on the water conditions and water temperature, could cause the swim to break up.

Limkemann , who is leading the REV3 series, will look to get the bike going and going fast.  The bike course starts by taking riders into a series of rolling hills, giving them the chance to experience the beauty of the surrounding Maine farmland and countryside.  Tall pine trees shade most of the course, and should keep the temperatures rather cool for the athletes.

David Thompson will need to minimize the swim deficit, and look to have another stellar ride and run. Thompson is lurking in 4th place in the series and depending on where he crosses the line, could make a big jump up the standings.

“This course is simply gorgeous,” said Charlie Patten, president of Revolution 3. “It is a fun course to race and offers such an electric atmosphere.”
With fast runners like Chris Foster,  look for some place changing on the run. The course is an out-and-back, giving athletes the chance to finish out the race on a flat and fast course. Athletes will also be able to see the time gaps and placing with this style run course. The run finishes at Old Orchard Beach.

“More than anything, I’m really hungry to race,” Foster said. “ I was shattered to get a flat so early on the bike a few weeks ago in Wisconsin, especially since I had a great swim and was moving up well on the bike. The second I got back to the hotel, I was already itching to race in Maine. I’d be lying if I said I had some special plan. My plan is always to hang on for dear life in the swim, have a strong bike, and go bananas on the run.”
There are a few long course specialists in the mix including Leon Griffin, who just finished 2nd at Timberman and Tim Snow, an east coast long distance professional.

Lauren Goss has to be the headliner in the women’s race. Radka Vodičková, Lindsey Jerdonek and Rebecca and Laurel Wassner return to battle again as they did at REV3 Dells. For Goss, she knows the course and she is looking forward to racing this strong of a field. Where the women’s race gets interesting is with the addition of recent world cup winner Katie Hursey.  This is her first REV3 and she is coming off months of draft legal racing. Goss will need her full arsenal to hold off the speed of Hursey.


“I have had an interesting lead up to Rev3 Maine,” Goss said. “I am coming off maybe the best race of my career in Wisconsin and I have spent the last 8 days in Aspen, CO at 8000ft working with sponsors at the USA Pro Challenge. So my training plan has definitely been different than normal. I am extremely motivated from watching the cycling race and itching to get out and race myself. It will be great to see how my body responds to this short altitude block.”

The swim will be fast with this field. If gapped in the swim, the women left behind must turn on their bike legs to close up any gaps. The hills on the bike might help some of the stronger riders. With the run being flat and fast, the runners have an advantage and that is where Hursey might be able to really shine.


Jenna Parker, the winner of the New York City Triathlon is also racing and with a balanced race style could be in the mix start to finish.

Goss is leading the women’s series standings, with Williamson in 2nd. Vodičková is sitting in 3rd in the series. This is a race that could greatly strengthen Goss’ hold on the series title, as the series rolls to the Half Rev distance after this.


Start List for REV3 Maine
Eric Limkemann
Dan Feeney
Michael Poole
Tim Snow
Kyle Leto
Chris Braden
Darby Thomas
James Burns
Nick Brodnicki
Rudy Kahsar
Tom Eickelberg
Matthew Wisthoff
Mark Bowstead
Brooks Cowan
Alex VanderLinden
Chris Foster
Branden Halpin
Daniel Tigert
Kalen Darling
Doug Van Wie
Brian Fleischmann
Justin Park
Mike Caiazzo
Alex Willis
Justin Roeder
Craig Evans
Jason Frank
Charles Brault
Leon Griffin
Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches
Brett Nichols
David Thompson
Jason West
Jacob Rhyner
Karl Kahsar
Bradley Weiss
Doug Van Wie
Vézina, Philippe
Legault, Gabriel
Jake Shoemaker
Alexis Lepage

Lauren Goss
Laurel Wassner
Rebeccah Wassner
Zana Buttermore-Baca
Megan Riepma
Brianna Blanchard
Mireille Rodrigue
Bethany Handley
Alice Henriques
Tara Ross
Jessica Barton
Radka Vodičková
Robin Sandos
Kyla Chapman
Tenille Hoogland
Katie Hursey
Lindsey Jerdonek
Beatrice Pineau
Cait Snow
Catherine Sterling
Jessica Broderick
Jenna Parker

Rev 3 invites the media to come and share in the activities offered during this three-day festival. Inquiries and requests should be sent to