I am signed up to race in the Rev 3 Triathlon, Cedar Point in September.  Race director and 5 time Ironman winner Heather Gollnick has been coaching me, so naturally you would expect me to say good things about the upcoming race, as well as the past two races in Knoxville and Quassy, Connecticut.

However, check out a few of the many comments on the Rev.3 Facebook page as well as excerpts from the article below, and you will see that Rev.3 is living up to the expectations it set for itself and changing the way the triathlon game is played.

There are still slots available for Rev.3 Cedar Point, click here to find out more and to register.  See you there

Report Card for Rev 3

Course: A  This is a great way to experience the beauty that New England has to offer. Just be sure to incorporate plenty of hills into your training so that you can appreciate it.

Organization: A  Despite early concerns, there were plenty of volunteers on hand and all were friendly and knowledgeable. All race directions were clear, concise and allowed athletes to worry about racing, rather than deciphering where they needed to be other than the swim start. If next year they can add in text message race updates, expect an A+.

Atmosphere: A- Rev3 did a great job in getting spectators involved. It’s not easy to ask friends and family to sit around while you bike around town for three hours, but feelings of guilt disappear when they’re waiting in an amusement park.

Logistics: A  Fairly close to NYC (2 hours via car) so transportation was easy. Many of us stayed at the Heritage Hotel which was fairly inexpensive and only about 15 minutes away. I also spotted hotel shuttle buses which I didn’t use, but should be noted. Additional shuttle bus parking for Mom and Dads who didn’t wake up early enough was also available and ran smoothly.

Overall: A  In my opinion, the folks at Rev3 have certainly set a precedent in terms what to expect from a race. It’s on a gorgeous course, well organized and was a great experience for athletes AND spectators. So come on townies, hop on board and make this a marquee event for Connecticut and all of New England.

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