Dear Volunteers,

You completely rocked the race! You created a great atmosphere, a big warm, welcoming army of volunteers! Thank you for your smiles, your cheering and most of all for having fun and sharing your enthusiasm. I wish you could hear all the compliments given to you from our athletes post-race.

I must send a special thank you out to our local volunteer teams! For those of you that joined us for the first time – Thank you for jumping in! And for those of you that were part of our returning team – I hope you had more fun than last year!

All of us at Rev3 give our gratitude to our fabulous teams of volunteers:

  • Alcoa Wrestling Team & Boosters
  • Broadway Academy of Performing Arts
  • Chota Canoe Club
  • Farrgut High School Swim Team
  • Hardin Valley Academy & PTSA
  • Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry
  • Knoxville Rugby
  • Laurel Church of Christ Youth Ministry
  • Partners in Sports – Tennessee Sports Management
  • RSVP & CAC
  • Second Harvest

And, a special thank you to those of you who showed up as individuals, to help, to
cheer, to experience the sport of triathlon. We hope you were inspired!

To our volunteers in Knoxville, you have an amazing depth within the heart of your
community and we hope you continue the bond you have created to help and support
each other while having fun.

Thank you to all of you that took the extra step to Captain a team, to show up early, to
volunteer for another shift, to stay later… for baking cookies to share with your fellow
volunteers (and the occasional Rev3 staffer who couldn’t resist). Your “can do” attitude was wonderful, when “all things” were not quite perfect; you made a plan, and did your

best. You continued to support and cheer; you improvised and made it work! I love “can do” people… you are the leaders in this world.

Thank you also for doing your best to keep the area around your aid stations clean.

To state it simply, without you, this race would not have happened. You gave this race
a beautiful heart & soul. You gave this race happy faces, smiles, high-fives & hugs!

From the entire Rev3 team, we gratefully acknowledge your hard work and high spirits. Please keep an eye on our website for information, updates and volunteer photos!

With humble gratitude & a heart full of appreciation… Thank you.

LJ White& the entire Rev3 Team

PS… SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Let’s do it bigger & better! We are coming back!