The Knoxville Rugby Club includes a men’s team, The Possums, and a women’s team, The Minx.

In their own words: We are excited to volunteer for the Rev3 Triathlon to become more active in our community and to promote health & fitness for our youth and young adults.  We would like Knoxville to know more about our rugby teams and to help promote rugby & physical fitness in our middle schools, high schools and University of Tennessee teams.

Did you know The University of Tennessee has both a men’s and a women’s rugby team? The UT men are one of the top collegiate men’s teams in the country and the UT women have strong numbers and have been performing well in their league. We as rugby players need to stay fit to play our sport to the best of our ability and as safely as possible. A proper fitness program does wonders to prevent injury. We are looking forward to participating in the Rev3 triathlon and fitness expo to promote fitness and to support some of the finest athletes in the country.

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