YMCA Members and Staff Volunteer at REV3 Triathlon

This past weekend the Greater Waterbury YMCA Triathlon Club and Y members were heavily involved in the Rev3 Triathlon Series both racing and volunteering.

Rev3 is one of the largest most successful triathlon organizations in the world. The Rev 3 Quassy races are considered some of the most difficult races in the country and attract Pro and Amateur racers from all over.

Throughout the whole weekend, the Greater Waterbury YMCA provided over 40 volunteers during the races.

Volunteer duties ranged from lifeguards, water stations, bike aid stations, med tent nurses, bike marshals, finish line workers, kayakers, and registration volunteers.  We were everywhere!

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time.  The Rev3 and the racers were very appreciative of our time and dedication to the race.  This was a great opportunity for the Greater Waterbury YMCA Triathlon Club to shine in our community and we SLAMMED IT!!!

We can’t wait for this race to come around next year!! To find out how to volunteer next year contact:

Chris Hibbs


Photo courtesy of Susanne Navas

At the Y, something we are most known for is the phrase…”Spirit, mind and body”.  We’ve got the body and the mind working together for people, but something a bit more elusive is the importance of satisfying the spirit.

What does it mean to have a healthy spirit?  How do you measure the energy within one’s soul?

In my triathlon endeavors this year, one of the things I’ve recently begun doing is open water swimming.  This whole triathlon experience has been new and exciting  for me…but I was not prepared for the feeling I would get from something so simple as swimming in open water.We’ve all done it…. but for most of us, it’s been a while.

Here’s how it went: The gold early morning sun was sparkling all over the lake, little by little people began to arrive at the waterfront still a little bleary eyed at 6:45 a.m.  Wetsuits on, we slipped into the quiet, smooth lake.  I felt the cool water wash slowly over me as I eyed my destination ¼ mile out.  My swim buddy and I exchanged a few nervous laughs then dove in.

Dozens of childhood summers spent on Lake Michigan suddenly flooded my mind with every stroke.  Every now and then when I poked my head up to catch sight of my target I felt the sun on my face. I felt free and grounded in the most basic of human pleasures.Finishing my swim and walking back on shore I was reminded of how clean and natural drying off in the sun is, like bathing in rainwater.This particular journey opened my spirit and mind and emptied them of all of the clutter of daily life, it was just me and the water.

Exercise does that. It’s not simply just exercise, it’s the human experience that comes from it.

A run at dusk with friends or alone. Sweating harder than you ever have and rejoicing in an old pair of favorite jeans.  Swimming like a seal in a spring fed lake when you never thought you could.

This summer, go where you’ve never been, it’s guaranteed to be a spiritual journey, no matter how big or small.

Angie Matthis

The Greater Waterbury YMCA