by Jess Raymond – REV3 volunteer, Team Nadia advocate, friend animal rescuer and all around amazing person.


Things just happen for a reason and somehow Rev3 is always involved.

For years now, I have volunteered with Rev3 Williamsburg. It started with a cold call from the volunteer coordinator 4 years ago (who I now call my soul sister). Over the years, I have gotten to meet so many amazing people, save a life (literally), support those who are fighting cancer, and now I’ve even added an animal rescue to the list! Oh, they run a great event each year too. Rev3 does it all.

In 2016, like all years, the Team NADIA crew assembled packets and welcomed athletes with swag, sweat and a smile. We always have a great time laughing, dancing, cheering, and helping athletes find their bib numbers, but come Saturday at about 2:30pm we transition the new volunteers and head home.

However, this year I came back on Sunday. Not to volunteer, but to bring a foster pup I picked up the day before. The Rev3 staff are big animal lovers and I knew they would enjoy some puppy kisses! I also had a college friend who was supporting her husband as he competed in the race.

We all chatted, everyone got puppy kisses, and it was a great afternoon. As we were leaving, I wanted to say a final goodbye to my college friend who was around the corner finding some food and shade for her beautiful daughters. I normally wouldn’t have gone back there, but I did.  This is where Andrea, a Rev3 competitor, first spotted the puppy. We chatted for an hour, exchanged information, and left feeling excited. An avid animal rescuer herself, she said this puppy “spoke” to her. That is serious business…..

A week went by and we had to work out some crazy details about the puppy’s surrender etc. Those in animal rescue know there is always a crazy story. Well, this one was nuts. But, with patience and persistence from both of us – we made it happen.  Andrea and her husband made the 4+ hour drive back to Williamsburg and rescued this little guy. And by little – he was 16 weeks and almost 50lbs. He is a Mastiff/Rottweiler and will likely top out near 175lbs full grown.

Back to Baltimore they went. About 6 hours later I received my first pictures of their trip. He was great in the car and he had already started exploring and playing with their dogs Chico and Eli. They also have horses that he would be meeting soon! I just knew this guy was gonna have quite a life…..

So the moral of the story is….things happen for a reason and Rev3 is always involved. From dear old friends to beautiful new ones and happy endings for a great pup who needed the perfect home……Rev3 always delivers just what we need…when we need it most.

Our most recent update on the Rev3 pup show him to be over 100 pounds and still growing!

He is doing great with his family and loves providing their morning wake up call!

There are countless animals that need to be rescued. If you have room in your heart ADOPT, FOSTER, SPONSOR, TRANSPORT, VOLUNTEER,  DONATE, EDUCATE, CARE.  It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.