Michael and I are back in Boulder after a whirlwind trip. We started off traveling last Thursday for the REV3 race in Portland which was on Sunday.  I like to arrive a few days before race day in case something goes awry. For example, I wanted to make sure that my bike made it in plenty of time and I really like to enjoy a little down time before race day. Our accommodations were a pleasant surprise! We did not expect to have an entire kitchen in our hotel room! Here is a short video clip of our crib:

[youtube width=”623″ height=”350″]http://www.youtube.com/v/Y1if5cc7nCA[/youtube]

Saturday was a busy day. We had lots of race stuff to do and it was my birthday :). Michael always does something special for me even if we are out of town or super busy with race stuff as was the case on Saturday. I was lucky enough to receive some super cute compression socks with hearts on them from a website called runningskirts.com. While I don’t wear compression socks in races, I do like to wear them for style…or lack of style. Sometimes I like being a big dork. Here is a picture of my super cute socks and of the very pretty, sweet necklace that ML gave me:

Aren’t I a LUCKY girl!?!

Sunday was race day. It started off like any other race. I had my normal breaky of rice cereal with banana, yogurt, and half a cup of coffee. I washed all of this down with plenty of water.

I had a pretty good race….besides the swim. I have been swimming a lot and very well the past 6 weeks. In fact, I am swimming the BEST that I have ever swum in my career right now. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell with the sort of swim that I had on Sunday. It was worse than terrible! I was able to make up for that lack luster swim with a average to good bike leg. (I actually rode what I am capable of at this point). Happily, my run was the best that it has been all this year. I was able to run strong, controlled, and fast. I really can’t complain about that…

Thanks Eric Wynn for the awesome photos. You can see more at Slowtwitch.

While my race was far from perfect, I finished strong and in fifth place at Rev3!

After the race, ML and I caught up with friends who now live in Portland. We loved seeing our friend Rita:

Thanks Rita for the homegrown strawberries! Delicious!

And here is a picture of me and my dear friend, Sara. Sara was my massage therapist when I first moved to Boulder. I am still a bit mad at her for leaving…:)

It was awesome to be able to see these two awesome ladies…Miss you guys!!!

After Portland, ML and I flew to Sonoma. Michael was putting on a cycling camp for the Oppenheimer Fund folks. I decided that I could not pass up the chance to go on this camping trip as our accomadtions were the Sonoma Mission Inn (and Spa)! I liked the perks…a lot!

The camp was a great success! Michael and I rode a really beautiful route thanks to Charlie Woodcock from Solvang Tri campe (our camp leader). And we met some really awesome folks along the way! I was especially impressed with Suzy (the sole woman besides me) and Jon who seemed to be the strongest riders!

It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it. Michael and I had a blast meeting new people and leading bikers across Napa! And I reallyenjoyed staying at the Sonoma Mission Inn…:)

Michael and I are back home. (Thanks to Fee (and Becks and Mary) for taking such good care of our fluffies, Luna, Blue, and Big Frisk.

I was a bit sad to leave the relaxing vacation time we had in Napa, but I am really excited to get back into my routine back at home.

Thanks for reading!

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