No better time like the present right?  Sort of.  The off-season (or less racing season) is a great time to build up the engine, make your body stronger.  By building your strength you decrease the risk of injury, add a little power to your body, and help work muscles that tend to be neglected with tri-specific training.

Break out the swim paddles!  This time of year is the perfect time to increase your shoulder strength, work on that “feel” for the water, and improve your swim technique.  If you are new to paddles increase your distance and time with them slowly, as they can cause injury to new users.  Also have a knowledgeable swimmer help you pick paddles that will work for you.  Once you have the savvy of using paddles enjoy your new found strength and feel for the water.

My favorite pull set:

  • 20x 50 pull (use a send off that gets you into a rhythm, allowing only 5 seconds rest)
  • 500 pull build:  start slow as you “feel the water” and work on your reach/pull/rotation, within the 500 slowly increase your speed so you are in a “quick” rhythm by the final 100.  The last 100 should feel strong, powerful, but controlled.