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Scape Park is a natural theme park with numerous attractions ranging from adventurous and adrenaline-pumping activities to cultural and highly entertaining experiences, guaranteeing an unforgettable visit.

The park is located in the Cap Cana Resort, an exclusive residential destination in  the east coast of the Dominican Republic.

Scape Park is located in the heart of the Cap Cana Resort, encompassing a surface of more than 1 million square meters. Its limestone topography presents many interesting landforms, the Farallon being one of the most spectacular. The Farallon cliff is over 100 meters high and extends 800 meters along the coast, providing for spectacular views in various of the park’s activities. Multiple caves, caverns, and cenotes (natural lagoons) are found within the  unique landscape of Scape Park.

From its conception, the vision of the park has been to embrace the traditions and immense cultural heritage of Latin America and specially the Caribbean, extending from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to the Chiloe Archipelago in Chile. It is a fascinating, vibrant  fusion of European, African and native Indian cultures in a paradisiacal environment.

Cap Cana Resort is home to the most luxurious marina in the country and Juanillo Beach, the most renowned beach in the Punta Cana area. Due to this privileged setting, Scape Park is able to provide numerous aquatic activities and excursions, and thus offer interesting and unique possibilities for development and growth. Find out more about Scape Park here. 


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