April 25 to May 2nd



Here is your chance to stay active when you can’t participate in an in-person race.  This is equivalent to a sprint, olympic, or half triathlon.  You will have one week to complete the virtual triathlon.  Registration will close on May 2nd.  You can submit your results starting on April 25 until May 2nd.  Join the Facebook group and engage with your fellow competitors and submit your entries.  This in unlike any other triathlon.  Here are the 3 events:

  1.  Bike (indoors or outdoors on any course you want).
  2. Run (indoors or outdoors on any course you want).
  3. Athlete’s Choice (You can choose any activity you like but it should take you at least 5min give or take to complete.

When you register choose your race distance:

Sprint:  12 mile bike / 3.1 mile run

Olympic:  25 mile bike / 6.2 mile run

Half:  56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run

Kids 6-10:  Bike 2.5 miles / Run .75 miles

Kids 11+:  Bike 5 miles/ Run 1.5 miles

Awards don’t go to the fastest people in this triathlon.  They go to the Facebook posts that receive the most LIKES.  So put your creative thinking caps on, grab your friends and family and compete together.  After May 2nd, the 3 posts with the most likes will receive awards.  You will be notified and the awards will be mailed to you.

Each registered participant will be mailed an event tshirt and medal.  When you register, the address you put down is the address that the shirt and medal will be shipped.  Have fun and thanks for participating.

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