I started my season with afew bumps.I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue,and for the first time in 15 years,I was made to take some time off. In my 15 year career I had not take more than 1 week off training, quite crazy when you think about it! I was forced to take 4 weeks well not off, its impossible for me, but easy-very easy! I think it ws a blessing in disguise as my body finally felt amazing and ready to fire on all cylinders once again,not two as I had felt at the end of 2010!

My first race I was to do was Port Macquirie70.3 a big race for Australia then one week before I was hit head on with a car whilst riding.I smacked my head at 40km/hr into a oncoming car who didnt see me, and turned infront of me.It was such bad timing and meant I was to miss my first RACE OF THE SEASON!I had two weeks of intense physiotherapy and massage ,accupuncture and anything i could do for my stiff and sore body!Finally after two weeks off I begged Brett my coach(Sutton) to allow me to race in Busselton 70.3 where  i finished a close 3rd but in a descent time.I wasnt disappoinnted as my lead up was horrific and to be that fit on not much training I was ok with 3rd place and 4hrs 13 minutes.

The first big race for my season this year was Australias inaugural Challenge Cairns.A race i was focused on winning from the start of the year!  This race I won and had a solid day against some strong female competitors,it was great to win on home soil and be the first time winner of a Challenge event here in Australia!

My next event is Challenege Roth up against Cat Morrison Belinda Granger and ofcourse Chrissie W, this is going to be tough!Then Im off to Denmark to try and defned my title in Challenge Copenhagen and try to better my 8:56 I did there last year!

I cant wait to hit US soil, I love racing there and look forward to my first ever Rev3 event. I have heard many great things about Rev3 races, so I am excited to be a part of it!

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