I have to give a Huge thank you to the whole Rev3 crew and Charlie for putting on what was a 1st class event and in trying conditions! They had to come up with a whole new course just two days prior to the race. The Cedar point full Rev is an awesome event and I will be heading back!

before you read below I  want to start with it is VERY clearly stated that it is our duty as athletes to know the course and with that I have to take full responsibility for what you are about to read.

Well were Do I start.

After the High of winning Ironman Louisville I sat down with Marilyn and we talked about me backing it up with the Rev 3 Full just two weeks down the road. I went over things with Joel and we put together a plan that we thought we get me to the start line ready to race for the win again.

The two weeks between the races just flew by and I was packing the the old Kestrel 4000 up for it third road trip in 4 weeks.

I arrived in Sandusky on the thursday before the race to the tail end of a Horrible storm cell that had been in the area . I have to be honest when I looked at lake Erie that afternoon I thought there was no way we were going to get to swim on sunday .

Turns out that the weather gods looked down on us as come sunday morning the water was like a mill pond .

We were all lined up on the beach for a frantic beach start and I decided to start beside Graeme Ogrady and Brandon Marsh with the hopes that these boys would pull me clear of the melay that would be taking place on the other side of the line of guys.

3-2-1 Boom!

After a little high leg running and dolphin diving my plan had worked a treat ! The Boys gave me the flick at the first turn can and I looked over my shoulder and there was just one other guy nearby so I decided to settle in on Daniel Bretschers feet .

We got the report coming out of the water that Graeme was solo at 4 min the Andrew Starykowicz had 3 min and there was a group at 2 min .

As soon as I jumped on board the hog I knew we had hit a home run with the two week bridge. I felt fantastic! Going through about the 25-30 mile mark there was a short out and back and I could see that I bought Graeme and Andrew back to 2 min and passed everyone else on the road.

The time gaps were coming down 5 ec here 5 sec there . I honestly could not have been happier! Before the race was content to give both of these guys 8 min getting of the bike so to know I was sitting under 2 was very pleasing.

So I roll through mile 40 and then is were things went Horribly wrong!

At the Pro briefing we were unequivocally told to follow the blue duck tape arrows on the road! People questioned that statement and we were told again follow the arrows.

So coming up to around mile 45ish there it was a big blue arrow to turn right …so I did and so did all but 5 of the other pro men . Turns out that the course had to be changed due to an unfinished bridge just two day prior and that arrow was the old course but still remained on the road .

I continued to follow the arrows and came back on the course but when I got to the mile 50 marker and my computer told me 58 miles I knew I was in trouble. The next thing I get a split you are 20 min down on first place. To say my heart sank is the biggest understatement in the world . I was FUMING mad! . From 2 min to 20 min.

Turns out graeme and Starky just followed the lead vehicle and david Thompson didn’t even see the arrow on the road.

I also think everyone who didnt make that turn owes Brandon Marsh a BIG thank you. Brandons mis fortune of having a bad day was other peoples fortune. After Brandon got back on course he went back a peeled that arrow of the ground.

So now my head and heart was in the gutter I was going from thinking 2 titles in two weeks to thinking F#%k this I am pulling out.

Then something came into my head . My wife had sent me a very inspirational clip the day before the race . The main point of the clip was that to win was to give 100 % and giving anything less than that was the only way you could fail. It then ended with the words YOU ARE A CHAMPION.

I had to turn my head around . My next goal was to find out what place I was in . Ok I am in 5th now lets get to 4th . I ride back up to 4th . Coming into transition and was 21 min down on the lead ( I ended up riding 120 miles by the way )

Next thought was how far up is 3rd . 6 min….ok lets do this . I just kept repeating – less than 100% is the only way you can fail . I took that 6 min back on David Thompson and got into 3rd at the 14 mile mark . I could also see that I had run 7 min out of Graeme and Starky . Ok 1 mile at a time I was getting the splits an was running almost 1 min per mile out of the guys . I passed graeme at mile 18ish mark . There was just one guy left Andrew.

I have to be completely honest here as it is my blog….I wanted to catch Andrew REAL bad. He had been talking trash before the race and at this point the only reason he was leading is because I followed the directions we were told . 10 min —- 8 min ——-7 min—6 min —-mile 23 and I was at 5 min. Honestly I just plan old ran out of gas. I had been running much faster than my marathon PR to that stage with nothing to loose . From mile 23 onwards I literaly slowed over a min per mile . So coming down the finish line was a very bitter sweet feeling . I had just put in probably what was my most gallant racing effort ever . I had run 18 min out of starky and I came up 5 min short after riding 18 min off course….

I just have one more things to say ….Starky…..see you next year champ!!!


Source: http://trimacca.com