On Sunday I raced the Revolution 3 Half distance triathlon race here in Quassy, Connecticut. While the rest of you had the day off, I was out busting my guts!! As you all know I have been struggling with an Achilles problem so this race was going to be a good test to see where my recovery was at and how it was going to hold out. WOW, I was pleasantly surprised but paying for it now!!!

[vimeo width=”623″ height=”350″]http://www.vimeo.com/25409162[/vimeo]

Race morning was beautiful but the air temperature was on the colder side of things, which made it hard to get going. The water was only just non-wetsuit legal at 69 degrees Fahrenheit so getting in was very nipply. The start gun went off at 6.50am and the pace was on from the start by Matt Reed (USA), thankfully I was able to jump on his feet and stay with him. Kenny (USA) then came through at a ‘Phelps’ crazy fast speed but we could not match it and he took off out the front. We then formed a small chase group for the remaining part of the 1.2 mile swim in Lake Quassapaug.

We then exited the water in a time of 24.04 minutes, into T1 we headed, this was a little crazy but made sure I had a lightning fast transition so I could stay with this bunch. So, out on to the bike with Reed, Cunningham, Starykowicz and Matthews. Far out it was cold, It took me about 20 miles to warm up on this crazy tough undulating bike course. At mile 40 I started to feel better and managed to form a breakaway with Joe Gambles, James Cunnama and Dan Hugo and we were in hot pursuit of Andrew Starykowicz who was 4 minutes ahead of us.

Arrived into T2 with Joe Gambles and Paul Matthews ready to chase down Cunnama and Starykowicz. Started the run at a safe pace as I didn’t know how my Achilles were going to hold out on this tough 13.1 mile run course. Felt really good half way through the run so I decided to push the pace and Gambles came with me. Around Mile 11, we caught Starykowicz but still no sign of Cunnama….bugger!!

At mile 12 Gambles and I were still racing side by side so I decided that I needed to make my move now if I wanted any chance at grabbing 2nd. Finally made the break and now I was in the hunt for Cunnama who was 70 seconds in front. As I broke away from Gambles I was gaining on Cunnama and he was hurting. In the last mile and half I put 1 minute into him. All of a sudden a started to realise I may have a chance at the title but unfortunately it wasn’t my day, coming in 2nd by 8 seconds. Really happy with this result as things have been a little rocky with the Achilles but I think I’m back on track.

Congratulations to James Cunnama for taking out the win and Joe Gambles coming in 3rd and rounding out the podium.

Also on other Triathlon news: Congratulations to fellow Kiwi Nicky Samuels for taking out the Escape from Alcatraz title and Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack for winning Challenge Cairns.

Next race will be Eagleman 70.3 this weekend, where I’m hoping to defend my title.

You can also see some other footage from this weekend at the below links.

Pre race show- http://vimeo.com/24649421 (skip to the second half to the video to go to the mens stuff if you like)

Transition – http://vimeo.com/24679171
Bike update – http://vimeo.com/24681287
Finish line – http://vimeo.com/24686043
Race recap – http://vimeo.com/24723325


Source: http://terenzo.blogspot.com/2011/06/rev-3-half.html