Everyone is great in his own wayand everyone in proportion to the greatness of that which he loved-Kierkegaard.

Getting off the plan in Portland i could feel the heavy northwest air. I love that. It was 3 am and after some flight problems involving 3 different piliots and a busted plane I found myself re upping my REM Caps and going back to bed. I woke up to sunshine and a view of Mt. Hood which rises like a giant. I could also see mt st. Helen which looks so different without a top. The top was my old yard back when I lived in Montana and the result of when Helen had her little temper tantrum.

I was rolling with guru and Annie Z and we needed to pick up Jimmy Z het husband then head out to the venue here other crew-for-life PJ would be. Good times far from home, though it turns out that I am friends with much of the rev3 staff so even 3000 miles from homes felt like a reunion.

We built the bikes and did a warm up. My old non erc disc was rubbing so I stopped a few times to adjust it and once sorted out i left my bike next to the poster of me. That still tickles me.

I have ALWAYS wanted to hang in Portland. It’s one of those towns where everyone tells me I got to visit and suggests I might not come back from. So we went looking for my people and found them drinking in the afternoon sun ad eating yummy food across from a wall that says Keep portland Weird. Which they stole from Lousville who stole it from austin. What the sign should have said was “keep Portland drunk and belligerent.” as a few of my fellow punk rockers had taken it out a little too hard and a few fists and angry words provided live street performances. Now I really felt at home. Portland is Austin but more pissed off. I started picking out places to live here.

Race morning was chill-lax with an 8 am pst start. That’s 11 am est for my body clock. Love the later start! Frack 6:30 am! Bike racing starts at like 10! Dig that!

The air was 50s but water 69 so no wetsuits. I had a great swim! Got off behind an itu oly guy for the first 200 and he pulled me to the front where I swam with a bunch of people until I exited dead middle of the pro field. I was stoked as i normally only swim well at full ironmans.

Out on the bike I had good legs. The course was two out and backs and flat. Locals told me that there is a huge gorge and this causes massive wind to hit this road. It was windy but reasonable. The USAT “stagger rule” is dumb in the extreme as it causes us to ride side by side, like where cars are, but it also encourages pack riding. I was in the legal pack and about to fly along when my old disc wheel got loose and started rubbing. This is the only thing not from my new bike company EVIL RACING CULT. I stopped to find that the skewer was bent, likely from the fight so the wheel would sit right. I off set the wheel so it didn’t rub and got back to riding but lost time and worse lost the very important pack.

After that I felt strong on the bike and the bike felt so fast. The perfect sized top tube allows me to be both super areo and also really powerful over the pedals. I love love love this bike and I even caught and dropped a few pros despite my stop for my old wheel (which I am replacing).

Out on the run I just ran well and kept it reasonable. I passed a few pros and just enjoyed running, the amazing view of Mt. Hood and the others on course. I ran an effortless 1:25, confirmation of good form. I will take good form over good luck at this race as I feel great heading to imlp now, regardless of ultimate outcome.

After that the party started. I love the CREW parade and seeing Annie do her first half was awesome. I was there for her most epic training at slb and now to be at the finish was really special for me as a coach. Christine also finished and set a PR. So we had a lot to celebrate and rev3 spun old school hip hop so we got our dance on.

Next day we had a late flight and kicked it with some locals. Good times sitting with sleeved up soccer hooligans with a thing for dead people. Sampling Voodoo donuts, hitting a famous book shop and a hike through a dense old growth Forrest. the perfect day after.