The year before last I raced my first 70.3 distance race – and it was REV3 Quassy Triathlon. It also turned out to be my first Rev3 race. I had no idea what I was getting in to- and I knew I wasn’t really ‘ready’ but I was eager to start and see what 70.3 miles was all about. I’ve learned a lot of lessons the two years I have raced Quassy and they have fed in to my training plan this past winter. I’m dialing in my nutrition thanks to the great support from PowerBar and getting as much hill work as I can. With all the snow up here this winter I have been able to get a good jump on my running, but I have been a bit delayed in getting outside on the bike. It’s just so hard to replicate hills indoors on a trainer- nothing beats the real thing!

rev3 quassy triathlon bike hill

I’m not going to lie- Quassy is tough. But for me, that is part of the appeal. I mean pushing yourself for 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking, and 13.1 miles of running is tough regardless of the terrain. But the hills in and around Middlebury, CT just add to it. I’m pretty convinced that the swim is hilly too! The two years I have raced it both have been brutal for me. I continue to learn new things each year and I am determined to not let the course do to me this year what it has in the past.

rev3 quassy triathlon run course

rev3 quassy triathlon family friendly eventBut it’s not all pain all weekend. Quassy is a fantastic family friendly and fun weekend! Between the amusement park and the rides and the Family Adventure race – there is plenty of fun to be had for any family members that aren’t racing. Being a husband and father to 3 kids (oldest is 10) having a family friendly venue is critical – which is something that Rev3 absolutely excels at! Some of the best laughs and biggest smiles have been at Quassy and I hope that this year is no different. So it will be challenging, there will be pain, and doubt might even creep in a bit. But I am trained and in better position to tackle what Quassy throws at me this year. All that work I have done and the support I have received will pay off and I have no doubt that the weekend will be full of fun and a weekend to remember!


So I’ll be at the start line of Quassy for the third year in a row on June 1st – will you?  It is an event that I will look forward to doing for years to come. I’m coming for you finish line – and I’m really hoping that all 3 of my kids will want to cross the finish line with me this year! The first year my youngest didn’t want to run with me because I was too sweaty and last year our middle child was home with a friend for a birthday party. Who knows- maybe I can even convince my wife to join us and make it a family affair across that finish line!

rev3 quassy triathlon finish line

This is the glory that awaits you at the finish!

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